Crossing My Heart(A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Soforan Manstern is a girl with a best friend but when she crosses paths with Liam Payne from One Direction her life changes bigger things happen she might lose her best friend ,she finds what she thinks is a new friend but this girl could be her worst nightmare. There are twist and turns all over the place that you won’t even expect read more to find out!


6. Meeting Liam Payne


     A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS J hey guys surprise I probably won’t be able to do a chapter until after Christmas s I gave this one to you made it super long so maybe it will last you ok bye


       I walk outside to meet Sabrina I have already ordered a taxi and it was on its way I get out my phone and dial Sabrina’s number she answers and says “I’m already here right around the corner k bye.” She hangs up in my face before I even get to say anything I put my phone in my pocket and stare at the corner at the end of my street waiting to see Sabrina’s wavy hair that came in the room before she did. When I see her I smile and wave she does the same then right when she reaches me the taxi pulls up she gets in the taxi and so do I the same. We get to the airport and fly to L.A I thought it was amazing it was my first time out of my small town there were so many nice people. When we got to L.A we went to a hotel we had a just a regular room nothing fancy. The concert was tomorrow and I was super excited I have only been to one concert and we get to meet one direction at a meet that should be fun. We went to bed because it was getting late about 11:30pm.


       I wake up to sound of the alarm I turn to see that Sabrina wasn’t in bed I look up and see her with a towel wrapped around her body she looked like she was about to get in shower “morning sleepy head I got up like an hour ago I couldn’t sleep I was way to excited like this is actually happing we are going to meet them I am the happiest person alive!” she almost yelled walking back and forth in the room. “Ok, ok go take your shower shit” I say still half asleep hearing barely anything she had said before. I get up and lay my cloths out then yell to her “don’t use all the hot water” I have a cute outfit I didn’t want to be to flashy but just right. I smile as I look at my outfit on the bed and smile. I go into the bathroom as Sabrina is walking out and I take my shower we get dressed and go out for breakfast then we walked around L.A for a while which the most amazing city ever.


       It was around 7:30 when we got back to the hotel. Sabrina got her stuff she was excited and was talking about much she loved one direction. I was trying to hard to hold it back but I was also very excited when we got to the arena there's a whole bunch of screaming girls one of them even asked if they can buy the tickets off of us we started laughing and walked in. It was full of screaming girls we were in the third row they weren’t great but they were I mean I wasn't complaining. The concert was completely amazing I love their music I really did feel like a girly girl. After the concert there was the meet and greet we waited for about 2 hours in line it almost 12 o'clock at night. I was very tired and very irritable. When we got to the table Sabrina was so happy they were very nice I had them sign my stuff none them really said anything except when I came to Liam Payne….he looked at me for a long time analyzing my face then my body he smiled and said “what’s your name babe?” I tried not blush and said “Soso” bluntly he looked at me for another second then went on signing my CD. I smile then picked up the CD and read what it had said ‘for you beautiful loved Liam Payne’ I blushed and turned around to find him trying to see past the fans to look at me he smiled and waved. I was in complete shock and then Sabrina snapped me out of it by saying “did you see the way Niall was looking at me oh my god I think he digs me I have to wait and see” I didn’t even think of telling Sabrina I could barley talk, the moment kept running through my head I simply replied “ok” she looked at me then said “we have to wait they are going to be back at their bus soon.” I look at her and said “no we are going back to the hotel and going to sleep” her smile dropped and she said “please you cant do this me he was looking me like he liked please” I look at her and I knew even if I left she would still stay so I said “ok fine” she smiled


       We went behind a wall and stayed there after an hour passed it was freezing cold and I was ready to leave. I kept thinking about how he looked at me was a celebrity really into me I thought then a cold wind broke my thought. I hugged myself tightly and then said “ok I am done we are leaving Sabrina” then she pulled and said “no they are here” she walked up them just before they made it into the bus I heard Louis sigh. I didn’t see security so I figured he was a bit scared she started talking to them they weren’t rude Niall did seem to have a thing for her, he was flirting then I made eye contact with Liam he looked at me then smiled and said “Soso right?” I smiled and said “yeah…” he walked over to me a little bit the boys and Sabrina went onto the bus she had forgotten about me completely. When he got close to me and said “that’s a nice name” I could smell the alcohol on his breath I noticed he was a little wobbly he must have been drunk he asked me if I wanted to come to his bus I said yes. I shouldn’t have but I did, I heard a lot about him he just got out of a two year relationship I could see why he was hurt. Right when we got on his bus he started kissing me I kissed back he started to undress me slowly pulling off my cloths and then his as well. I liked it felt good I didn’t stop him, he pushed me towards the bed I fell and  he chuckled a little bit he got on top of me and was kissing me hard pulling my skin side to side. He stopped for a moment and put on a condom then he got on to of me when he went into me it felt good. I wasn’t a virgin me Adrian did it twice already. I moaned hard when he heard me moan he started to suck my neck. I started too move with him up and down he moaned loud and started to go harder. He pulled me towards him and started going faster I started to moan really loud and so did he. I climaxed but told him to keep going it still felt good he went on for about a minute before he climaxed. He went harder and faster and then squeezed my back and let out a moan and a sigh and whispered “oh god, oh shit” he then rolled over next me and looked at me and smiled both of us still breathing hard then we fell asleep.

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