The Meadow

Idk... just got a bit bored...

When Aspen lost his Dad, it was like someone had ripped out part of his heart. The only thing he has left of him is his Dad's favourite place... a small meadow a mile from their home.


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Aspen lay on his back and stared up at the sun. His dad was up there, somewhere. Maybe he was watching him, taking in the beauty of his deep, blue eyes, or the way he just seemed to blend into the naturalness of the meadow. What if he was in the clouds, holding back the rain so his son could stay outside for just a few minutes longer? The meadow was Aspen's favorite place on Earth. It seemed unreal that just a mile away from busy suburban life was this little pocket of what God created for man. He had discovered this place when he was young and playing in the woods with his Dad. Straight away he was taken by its simple, natural beauty and he found himself drawn in to the cleanliness and the serenity. He didn't need anyone or anything while he was in the meadow. No protection, no shelter, nothing. He was just... safe. And when everything was getting too much he knew he could come here and it would all be fine again. It was almost like his Dad's soul was embedded in the very grass he was lying on, telling him that no matter what happened he would always be safe right here. The grass was soft and comforting on Asper's bare skin. He kicked off his battered old converse and just lay there, curling his toes over the tiny blades. It was getting dark, but he didn't care. He could find his way back to his house blindfolded if he had to. But this right here in the meadow, this was his home. The old bricks and mortar on Ellesmere Road didn't come close to this and, as much as he did love his mother, she could never come close to where his Dad's soul lay to rest.


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