Survival or Death: Book 2

This is the second book to Survival or Death.


1. The Hospital

               I woke up the next morning in the hospital bedroom. I turned to my right to find Zayn standing next to me holding my hand.

"Good morning" he said to me


"The doctor said you would have to stay here for the next couple days, and you have to get surgurey."

"All I remember was being shot then passing out, I can't remember anyhting else."

"That is technially all that happenend." Zayn stood there staring at me. His eyes were all red and puffy, he had been crying, over me!

"Zayn, why have you been crying?"

"Because you were shot and I've been worried so much about you."

"yeah I know that, I mean, why have you been crying over me? I mean I'm not perfect. I'm not pretty, fun, and you havn't gotten to know me at all."

"Your right Alax, you arnen't any of those things. Your beautiful, the most fun girl to be around I've gotten to know you so much after this week."

Zayn leaned down to kiss my forehead then told me had to go and left. The doctor came in and looked surprised.

"Your awake."

"Yeah I just woke up actually."

"Yes well that is a good thing. We thought you weren't going to wake up until later today but since you are awake now we can do the surgury now or wait until later today."

"Do you think we could do it tomorrow because I've never had surguey and my sisters are supposed to come today and-"

"And you'd like to talk to them first. Yes we can do the surgurey tomorrow. Well if you need anything just hit that green button."

"Okay thanks!"

She left the room and I sat there for a good three hours and I needed to use the restroom so I got up and went to the restroom real fast. When I got back I was thirsty so I hit the green button. My doctor came in and asked what I wanted and I told her I was thirsty so she got me a glass of water. When she left the room Zayn entered and walked over to me.

"They are going to do the surgurey tomorrow and she was suprised to see me awake."

"Why was she surprised?"

"Because they all thought I wouldn't wake up until later but she said it was a good thing I was awake now."

Zayn leaned and kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand.

"Everything will be okay. So if you ever get nervous then just call me or something I will be here for you and I will always love you."

"Thanks Zayn, and I love you too."

He kissed my forehead again and I fell asleep.

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