A World Away

What happens when the boys of One Direction run into something, well actually someone, out of this world. This story has twists and turns you will not see coming and will keep you wanting to read more. This thriller/romance story will have you on the edge of your seat!


9. The Flash

*Niall's POV*

I payed the cab driver ans Grace and I walked hand in hand into the resturaunt. After we finished driving we made our way over to the mall. It was a completely new expirience for her since on her planet they wear the same thing everyday. She didn't know anything about clothing or style so I had to pick out clothes for her myself. First we went to a CVS to get her a toothbrush, hair brush, and stuff like that. Then we moved into the clothing. We went to 8 different stores and I probably over bought but anything for my princess. I bought her 12 different tops, 5 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of yoga pants, 5 pairs of shorts, 5 skirts, 10 dresses, and 3 red carpet gowns (just incase). My favorite part though was the shoes! I know, I sound gay but I had fun picking out shoes for her. I bought her 2 pairs of heels, a pair of sperris, 2 pairs of uggs, 3 pairs of flats, 1 pair of trainers, and 5 pairs of convers.

"Niall." she said to me "You bought me a lot more than I probably needed."

"I know." I replied looking her in the eye "But anything for my princess." she laughed and then replied

"Your going to spoil me!"

"You deserve to be spoiled." I said bending down to kiss her and just as our lips there was a bright camera flash. "Great." I thoght "Now we will never be able to go out in public together."

"Niall?" she looked at me puzzled "What was that?"

"Nothing babe." I said kissing my neck since she refused to let me kiss her lips.

"Niall." she said sternly

"Yeah babe?" I said still not stopping

"Tell me!" she said. I stopped kissing her and looked her in the eye.

"It was just a camera flash." I said trying to play it cooly

"From who?" she asked with a look of panic evident on her face

"Probably some magazine photographer, why?" I said and she began to pace and tear up

"Because official back home can read articles from newspapers and magazines here on earth! That is how they know what is going on here so they know that nobody is becoming suspicious of aliens! Niall they are going to find me!"   


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