A World Away

What happens when the boys of One Direction run into something, well actually someone, out of this world. This story has twists and turns you will not see coming and will keep you wanting to read more. This thriller/romance story will have you on the edge of your seat!


3. Good Ora

*Niall's POV*

I stared at her for a while. My jaw was probably on the ground right now. Was she serious? Maybe she was joking. I studied  her face and it didn't look like she was joking to me. I think I believe her too. Could this really be happening to me?

"Hello?" she says snapping me back out of my thoughts

"Sorry. Just shocked." I replied

"I understand if you are weirded out and want to go run away and never look back. You probably want to forget this ever happend." she said looking at the ground.

"No. You seem pretty normal to me for an alein. You seem nice too." I say and she blushes

"Actually, myself and all the others on Dilecta are humans. Not aliens. We have the same genetics as you and we are exactly the same." she pauses "Well we were until scientists on Dilecta discovered how to change our genetic code and gave us special abilities like dissappearing, reappearing, sencing other's oras, mind reading, comminicationg, through touch, and they eliminated our ability to hate and feel greed which eliminated all crime on our planet."

"Okay" I said astonished "That seems a little far fetched. Do you really have those abilities?" she nodded "Prove it!" I added

"Well right now you are thinking about food, which you do a lot and your ora is funny, friendly, honest, caring, and pure. Thats one of the reasons why I opened up to you about me, because you had a good ora." I blushed as she said that.

"That's incredible." I said "I am Niall by the way. Niall Horan."

"Grace." she replied simply

"No last name?" I asked

"No." she said "When we are born we are shipped off to the district's nursery. For my district ot was nursery #16 since we are district #16. We stay at the nursery until we reach the age of 5. Then the nursery president takes a look at your file, which is full of notes an memos, written by teachers and caregivers at the nursery about your personality. Then based on what it say in your file, you are assigned a name. Then a number, which is the number of people with that name. I am Grace #220 because I teachers and caregivers thought I was very thoughtful and poised and I am #220 becasuse I am the 220th person on Dilecta to be named Grace."

"I see." I said "Will you tell me more about your planet?"

"Only if you tell me about yours" she says quite sassy "We have some knowledge about your planet from satellites we put in orbit around Earth but we don't know much."

"How about this," I suggest "why don't we pick various topics and we will each talk about our planets and ourselves."

"Okay." she says "I will go first. How old are you."

"16" I say

"17" she says

"Do you guys have jobs?" I ask

"We get assigned new jobs randomly each month so we learn different skills and to appriciate all aspects of the community. This also eliminated poverty and social classes since everybody over the age of 13 is employed and recieves the same amout of money. The only acceptions are doctors, the don't get theor jobs switched. Before I came here my job was a teacher for the age group of 4 year olds." she says "I already know how jobs work here but I am curious as to what you do."

"I am a singer." I said proudly hoping to impress her. I was only given a stange look.

"You know, somebody who sings." I say she gave me another strange look.

"Don't they have music on Dilecta?" I ask and to my surprise she shakes her head so I pull out my Ipod and play The Beatles 'Hey Jude', a classic. She seems to enjoy it.

"To talking like that is called singing?" she askes

"Right." I respond. She catches on fast.

"Can I hear you sing?" she asks. I was a bit surprised but I nod an belt out CeeLo Green's 'Forget You'. She has a big grin on her face when I finish.

"You are good!" she says



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