A World Away

What happens when the boys of One Direction run into something, well actually someone, out of this world. This story has twists and turns you will not see coming and will keep you wanting to read more. This thriller/romance story will have you on the edge of your seat!


8. Fans

*Grace's POV*

The boys politely declined his offer for breakfast and Niall and I mad our way to the lobby of the hotel. We entered the elevator and Niall put on some sun glasses and pulled up his hood.

"What are you doing?" I asked him puzzled

"You'll see." he replied and sure enough the elevator doors opened and revealed a hotel lobby filled with screaming teenage girls. "These must be his fans." I thought to myself. We had only taken about 15 steps out of the elevator when somebody recognised him and he was mobbed by fans. Niall quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and towards the lobby door. I was scared, really scared. I don't like big groups of people. We reached the door and Niall quickly opened it and lightly pushed me into a cab that was waiting for us. I was on the verge of tears from all the 'excitment' so I turned my head and looked out the window as Niall sat down next to me.

"Sorry about the fans.' he said with a laugh "They are great but they can be a little extreme." I let out a fake laugh but still didn't turn my head..

"So where do you want to go for breakfast?" he aske me. I shrugged, still not turning my head but Niall grabbed ahold of my shoulders and turned me so I was facing him. Our faces were close, so close I could feel his short, hot breathes.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned and looking me right in the eye

"Just a little scared of the fans, that's all." I replied breaking eye contact and putting my head down. There was a long, silent pause and the Niall lifted my head up and kissed me. I kissed him back and he pulled away slitely, just long enough to whisper

"sorry." before going back in. I slung my arms around his neck and played with his hair as he slid his hands down to my waist. I don't know how long we stayed like this but the sound of the cab driver clearing his throat made us both jump a mile as we forgot where we were. Niall and I both blushed as we pulled away and realized the cab driver was clearing his throat because we had arrived at the breakfast place.

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