A World Away

What happens when the boys of One Direction run into something, well actually someone, out of this world. This story has twists and turns you will not see coming and will keep you wanting to read more. This thriller/romance story will have you on the edge of your seat!


5. Distracted

*Niall's POV*

She pulled away from my hug and I looked down at my phone.

"Oh my God! Its 5:30 in the morning!" I exclaim I also had 15 missed calls from the boys. They were probably worried

"They are going to kill me." I said thinking out loud.

"Who?" Grace askes curiously

"My band members and new best friends?" I say

"What's a band?" she asks innocently. She is so cute.

"Its a group of singers" I say

"Ohhh!" she says

"Do you have a place to say?" I ask

"What do you think?" she asks giving me a look that looks like she is saying 'really? are you kidding me?'

"Right." I say "Sorry. Why don't yo come with me and you can stay at the hotel with the lads and I." She agrees and I grab her hand and walk her towrds the street. A drunk man sees what she is wearing and says

"Going surfing babe?" and pinches her bum. She yelps.

"Get lost!" I say shoving him aside and pushing Grace into the cab I had called.

"Lets get you some other clothes shall we?" I say. "Will you take us to Walgreens?" I ask the cab driver. We went in and got her some cheap PJs. I figured we could get her some real clothes in the morning. We climbed back into the cab.

"What are your friends like?" she asks

"They are amazing. There is Zayn who is very smart and kind of mysterious, there is Harry who is very cheerky and a huge flirt so stay clear of him, Louis who is very very funny and always making us laugh, and last is Liam. Liam is sensable but fun to be with at the same time."

"They sound nice." she says "How did you meet?" I tell her our story and she listens intently. I had just pulled up to the hotel when I finished.

"Sorry you didn't win." she says sadly

"It's fine babe." I say "We will make it work."

*Grace's POV*

He called me babe! I am totaly fangirling inside! He pays the driver, grabs my hand and we walk into the hotel. We ride the elevator up to the penthouse. It's huge! He opens the door and 4 heads quickly turn to look at us.

"Niall!" one of them shouts "Where have you been? We have been worried sick! Why didn't you answer the phone?"

"Sorry Liam. My phone was off and I got distracted." Niall replied and then glanced down at me. Suddenly all the eyes are on me. 



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