A World Away

What happens when the boys of One Direction run into something, well actually someone, out of this world. This story has twists and turns you will not see coming and will keep you wanting to read more. This thriller/romance story will have you on the edge of your seat!


2. Dilecta

*Niall's POV*

She came out of nowhere. Thin air! Literally! She looked almost like a hollogram at first, she was a blur and then her figure and appearence became clear. I didn't see anything unusual about her. Well, besides the hollogram/ apperaing out of nowhere thing. She was about 5 feet 6 inches tall with shoulder length beach waved starwberry blonde hair with hazel eyes and lots of freackley under her eyes. She was actually quite fit. She was wearing some kind of suit, sort of like what surfers wear.

"How did you get there?" I asked

"I can't-" she started but I cut her off

"You can't what?" I said "Tell me? You just appeared out of thin air and you can't tell me how! This is insane!" I didn't really yell at her, I just spoke out of amazement. I probably had a dumb look on my face.

"You won't understand." she said turning around to walk away.

"Try me." I said  She hesitated as if debating wearter or not to tell me.

"I was born with the ability to disappear and reappear." she said. I must have looked at her funny because she siad "I told you you wouldn't understand." she turned to leave again but I grabbed her and pulled her back towrds me.

"Please stay. Just a few more questions." I said looking into her eyes. They wre very beautiful.

"You get 3." she said. I would take what I got

"Do your parents know about this?" I asked her

"Where I come from kids don't ever meet their parents." She said with a serious face. She didn't even see upset about that.

"And where do you come from?" I asked very curious. She paused for a long time.

"Dilecta." she said confindently. I looked at her for clearification and she stared at me and then finally gave in. She spoke as if she really didn't want to tell me.

"It means lovely in Latin. It is the main language from Dilecta." I stared at her form more clarification. she grunted and continued much quieter now.

"Dilecta is a small planet about 1/5 the size of Earth about 7 or 8 galaxies south of here." She said it so seriously. I pondered for a minute. What she joking? I saked myself? This was all too much. She basically just told me she was an alien.

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