Bay was born to be a princess of the mer-people. Only she doesn't want that, she wants to be human. And she is damn sure gonna try to be just that.


2. This is where we say goodbye


“Bay you can’t go, you just can’t. Maybe we can work something out; you don’t turn eighteen for another three days.” My best friend crystal is saying and I want so badly to believe her but there is no other option, if I don’t want to be some princess then I have to leave, now.

“Crystal you know how much I want that to be true but it isn't  I can’t be some mermaid princess for everyone and you know that is what will happen. I have to go and I have to try to be human.” I argue but of course she has another reason for me to stay.

“We aren't human Bay; we are mermaids and what if a siren finds out about you. They will kill you Bay, or worse, they’ll make you their princess and have you married to some siren prince.” Crystal shoots right back and I sigh. Sirens are mermaids that went evil; they use their melodic singing voices to lure people to their deaths in the sea. Mermaids have beautiful singing voices too but we don’t use them to hurt people, we sing to our children to make them sleep, basically we use our voices because we love to sing.

“You know they will find out if I stay here. Any way we are human unless we go in salt water crystal, I’ll be fine.” I say and wave her comment away.

“What about me? Don’t I matter to you?” crystal asked quietly. She did matter to me and she knew it but I couldn't stay, I just couldn't. An idea popped into my head and I blurted it out without meaning to

“Come with me.” I say and crystal’s eyes widen, she shakes her head sadly in the next moment and I know that this is where we say goodbye. I take one breath and leave the room, when I get to my car outside I swing my door and climb in and in seconds I driving out of my sad little town.

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