Bay was born to be a princess of the mer-people. Only she doesn't want that, she wants to be human. And she is damn sure gonna try to be just that.


4. siren


I didn’t find jasmine but I wasn’t really looking, I was thinking about Jason, suddenly he filled my mind and I wondered what this was all about. I couldn’t help the smile that creped across my lips. The bell rang I practically flew to my next class. When school was over I made my way to the car park where I had parked my sea blue Ferrari, it was kind of loud over near my car and I ran over. A crowd of people were formed around the car parked next to mine. Jesus why did they have to do this now? A guy was leaning against the hood of the car and smirked when he saw me, I glared back and as I did I took in his eyes, a blue that could be confused as black, siren eyes. I stiffened and he did the same as he took in my eyes, green and clear like a mermaid’s usually is. Great so here my enemy is and he happens to be parked right next to me. The siren simply smiled at me and I took a step back, this was dangerous, this was playing with death and I wasn’t ready for that. I got to my car door quickly and opened it.

“What’s the rush baby?” a low hypnotic voice said from behind me and I whipped around to see the siren directly behind me. I could also see that the crowd was now gone.

“What are you doing here, what do you want from me?” I couldn’t stop the words even though I knew they confirmed my death.

“You know, it’s been centuries since a mermaid left that sad little town, you must have an excellent reason for it.” Shit. He knew I was a mermaid and he would guess what I was doing here soon enough.

“I wasn’t planning on explaining myself to a siren any time soon.”

“So you know what I am then little singer. How convenient.” The siren moved a little closer to me, I could see the mark on his arm that showed he was a siren. Mermaids all had markings on their breasts that signified what they were. The siren boy moved closer, humming with his beautiful voice, shame for him that I was taught to be immune to a siren’s call. “What are you doing here all alone little singer? All without defences and barely a baby.” There was a mocking sound in his patronizing words.

“I'm hardly without defence ticer; you know a girl’s voice is her strongest weapon.” I could see the boy cringe when I used his people’s nick name; it wasn’t a pleasant thing to be called in any shape or form.

“Ah, so you have been trained to be an assassin, your father must have taught you I'm guessing because only one woman in your town could train assassins. You look very beautiful you know, if it weren’t for our differences in side preferences I think you would have looked most extraordinary on my bed. Perhaps you will anyway.” A shiver ran up my spine. Sleeping with a siren was cause for exile, if you got pregnant off one it was even worse. I had had enough of this conversation so I got in my car and closed my door, within seconds I was speeding way.

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