Bay was born to be a princess of the mer-people. Only she doesn't want that, she wants to be human. And she is damn sure gonna try to be just that.


5. first date


When I got home I took a nice and long bath, my thoughts stealing back to the siren. When I was just about to get into bed the phone went off and I answered but who I heard at the other end was not the person I expected.

“Bay, hi it’s Jason from earlier.” The sound of his voice filled me like music.

“Oh, hello Jason, I wasn't expecting to hear from you so soon.” Like on the same day I gave you my number, guys just don’t do that.

“yeah well I wanted to make sure you were still ok with tomorrow, and remember it’s a beach party so swimwear is acceptable, hey its encouraged even.” I could hear his low chuckle on the other side of the line and smiled at it, he had the sexiest laugh. Why would he even need to check if I was still going? He knew I would.

“Yeah, I'm still going.” I said and hung up. I needed some sleep and I wasn't going to get it if I kept falling in love with his voice. The next day I got up, showered and dressed in my bikini just before Jason got here, I floundered around a little putting on lip gloss so that I would look at least pretty. When I heard a knock on the door I practically jumped to answer it. I opened the door to find Jason in Jean shorts and a top that easily portrayed his muscles. My cheeks flushed a deep red when I saw he was watching me, his eyes shining with something I couldn't identify.

“Hey Bay, you look great.” Jason said and I blushed again.                          

“Thank you. So do you.” I said smiling like a moron, I always seemed to want to smile when he complimented me. When Jason and I finally left the sun was high in the sky and bronzing me skin, if I were back home I would have been swimming with my best friends. I shouldn't think like that, it wasn't true. If I was home I would be getting trained to be a princess and I didn't want that. I smiled as the beach came into view, I heard Jason laugh as I pocked my head out of his car window. It had been while since I swam; my heart yearned for the water. I knew I couldn't swim today, there would be too many people and the last thing I wanted was to be caught. The fact that my identity remain a secret was crucial. 

"Bay come back here, I don't want you getting ill on our first date." 




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