Bay was born to be a princess of the mer-people. Only she doesn't want that, she wants to be human. And she is damn sure gonna try to be just that.


3. ask me out


Snow falls down on the concrete around me; the school building is large behind me, causing me to feel so small. Other students rush into the building around me and one in particular caught my interest. A boy with hair almost as black as mine was walking into the building; he stopped and looked at me. For a moment I didn’t like it but when I could plainly see he wasn’t a siren and he was just an ordinary boy I blushed, when I started to walk forward my new friend jasmine linked her arms through mine.

“Oh my god Bay, Jason Nickson is looking at you,” Jas cut off or a second and looked over to the boy, “well staring actually. That is so freaking lucky.” Her voice was all excitement but I didn’t see what was so great, he was just a boy. However the blush I had once entertained was creeping onto my face again. I cringed as the bell that signalled it was time or class sounded, I really hated the way I had been living like a human for months now and yet that bell still made my head ring. I said goodbye to Jas and rushed so I wouldn’t be late for first class. History was a relatively easy subject to me because I found it intriguing so I paid close attention whilst others just pretended they were listening to our teacher. I took my seat between two young men, one was always flirting with me even when I paid him no attention and the other was Jason Nickson. A small smile slid across my face as I thought about then lesson, our teacher was kind and could have been a Victoria super model if she wanted to, and that’s why all the boys in this class drooled over her. Honestly the history teacher would never screw with any of her students, she was too moral for that and that was partly why I liked her so much. Jason wasn’t paying attention to anything in particular around him, we were still waiting for our teacher and people were just talking to their friends. I sat alone and quiet because none of my friends were in my history class, which really did suck. I jumped when someone’s hand touched my leg and glanced around to see the flirt, Alex smiling at me. Why did he have to do that? I was so not his play toy. I kicked Alex hard in the knee and smiled as he gasped in pain, serves him right the creepy pervert. I wondered how long it would take for our teacher to get here briefly. That thought sped away when someone started talking to me.

“You know you could get in trouble for that if he decides to give you in.” a voice said next to me and I whipped my head round to see that Jason was talking to me, strange. I simply shrugged.

“He had it coming, the freaking pervert wouldn’t quit touching me.” I said defiantly. I hated when people questioned my motives, who the hell did he think he was? Stupid popular, hot boy. Oh, I did not just think that, yes I did. I winced and hated myself for being so stupid; Alex was probably Jason’s friend. A small smile spread along Jason’s face as he thought about what I ha said.

“Yeah ok, I have to agree with that. Based on the way he always makes you squirm in lessons.” I gave a short laugh and I knew it sounded like music to all humans. I stopped abruptly and made sure to keep my mouth shut. Jason seemed dazed by my laugh but that was ok, it would already have worn off.

“I think Alex is the only one who can do that to me, there is a weird vibe I get from him, like something trying to pull me but I keep resisting like my life depends on it. Don’t care how weird that makes me, I trust that feeling better then I trust my own mother.” I declared whilst being surprised at my own words, I was telling him something I would never tell anyone.

“That doesn’t make you weird, it makes you cautious and smart, living in this small town people lose that side of them. You shouldn’t ever lose it though because it’s what keeps people safe around here.” There was something like a warning in his words but I paid little attention to that.  Jason shifted closer and that made me jump, he had never done that before.

“I thought only Alex could make you do that.” Jason said with a smile.

“Maybe that isn’t entirely true.” I allowed. For the rest of the lesson I remained quiet but shifted uneasily every time Alex touched me, this guy was so pissing me off. Jason glanced over at me a couple at times and smiled. When the class ended I expected Jason to leave with his friends but he stayed behind.

“hey.” He said and I nodded, if this was some dumb prank he was gonna get it. I really didn’t have time for some crappy little boy games.

“Um, I was wondering if you wanted to go to this beach thing with me tomorrow night. It is like a date night and I need an actual date so I was just wondering if you would want to come with me.” I assumed I looked flustered because I was in total shock. Had he just asked me out?

“Umm, yeah that would be nice, thanks.” I floundered and Jason smiled warmly at me. I guess guys like it when a girl squirms under their look. I hurried out of the room but not before I gave Jason my number, then I ran like the wind.

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