Hillmount (Niam)

After a night of partying and getting caught, Niall is forced to leave his city of Dublin to go live with his uncle on the country side. Spending his summer in Hillmount, Niall want’s nothing more than to go back home and see his friends again. The last thing Niall ever expected was to find love, especially in a guy. Torn between his love for the city, and his new found love in the country, Niall must learn to follow his heart. Which path would he choose?


4. Chapter Three


These next couple chapters might be slow and boring, so just bare with me okay? Don't give up on me (it) just yet!

Six hours later and I've finally arrived to Hillmount. Before we entered the station, I was able to catch a glimpse of the sun setting behind huge hill tops. The view was absolutely breathtaking. No wonder Uncle James lives all the way out here. I looked at the clock that hung in the cabin of the train; it was 18:06. I sighed. Two hours into my trip my phone had died so the rest of the ride was pretty boring. Good think I was able to catch up on some lost sleep. I just wished I would've charged my phone before I left. Why wasn't I thinking?

When I stepped off the train, I noticed my Uncle James right away. He was standing there with dirty washed out blue jeans, and a rolled up plaid button down shirt. His light brown hair receded back. He looked so much like my dad, it was ridiculous My dad named me after Uncle James. I had his first name as my middle name just so he could feel more apart of our little family. Looking at his outfit, I suddenly remembered. He lived on a farm. Which meant I had to wake up very early every morning and work until it got dark. I don’t mind getting dirty, it’s just the actual planting and harvesting I didn't like. Hopefully he’ll just let me take care of the animals instead.

I walked up to my uncle with a smile, it’s polite to show some manners even if you despise coming here in the first place. He pulled me into a tight squeeze. He smelled like fresh cut grass and dirt. “Glad I can get an extra pair of hands to help around the farm” he said almost too happily. “These four hands just ain't enough!” “Four?” I questioned him as I pulled away. He nodded his head. “But I thought you and Aunt Loretta got a divorce?” My uncle just chuckled and ruffled my hand. “We did kiddo. I’m talking about another bloke I've found to help me out.” “Oh…” I didn't really know what else to say. Congratulations? That would just be.. awkward and weird. I just furrowed my eyebrows as I shifted on my feet to support my bags a little more. “Come on, kiddo. We got a lot of work to do” Uncle James spoke loudly as he took one of my bags from my grasp and turned to lead me out to a rusty white pick-up truck. “Great..” I said with as little enthusiasm I could.

When we finally arrived at his place, I couldn't look away. The view was absolutely amazing. Uncle James house sat right at the edge of a thousand foot cliff looking over the water. It looks like Donegal Bay. I smiled as I scooted out of the truck to look at the view more clearer. The water looked like it would never end. I wish it would carry me back home where I can see my friends. Thinking about seeing my friends, I thought about Adabelle and how I needed to charge my phone. I turned back to the truck and walked to the truck bed to grab my belongings. I noticed how eerie quiet it was (besides the dog occasionally barking and the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks below) and that there were was only a house. No barn. No shed. Nothing. Just the small, paint peeling off the outside, house. There was high amount of grass and weeds, a small garden planted by the side of the house that looked like it grew up towards the window sill. The smell of salt water and fish filled my nostrils. A breeze brushed against me and that's when I took to notice how much colder it was up here. Then again.. it was night. The only source of light I could see was the moon and it's reflection on the water, and the small lamp coming from the inside, through the window. I've only packed summer clothes, I hope it wasn't like it the whole time.

I sighed and drew my bags closer to my body. "C'mon boy! No lollygagging " James called from inside. I just lowered my head and followed the path that led up to the front door. I didn't know what to make of it. The house seemed so normal on the outside, but inside... it's so much smaller and cluttered. You come through the kitchen and dining area when you first walk in. Go a little farther and there was two different rooms and a loft overhead. There was a tiny wooden ladder that led up to the loft. One of the rooms happened to be James room as the other one was the bathroom. Everything in the house looked handmade. It was nice and welcoming, but I felt claustrophobic.

"So, uh..." I cleared my throat before continuing, not really wanting an answer; "where am I staying?" My uncle turned from the stove and placed a bowl of bean soup in front of me. He then pointed out to the loft that hung just above the kitchen. "Sorry laddy, I don't have much room so you're gonna have to share with Liam for your visit." "Liam?" I questioned him. He just nodded his head and handed me a spoon and offered for me to sit down. "Don't worry, he isn't going to be here for the night. He is down in the village" I just nodded my head in understanding, although he never gave me a real answer. I sat down anyways, dropping my bags by my feet before I picked up my spoon and started to slurp the soup. Oh God. It's been so long since I've ate. It felt so good to eat again. I felt my stomach rumble as I continued to finish off the bowl. "Get some sleep tonight, lad. Tomorrow we have deliveries to make." I groaned to myself. I didn't want my uncle to know that I actually dreaded coming here in the first place; so I just put on a small smile to show that even though I'm 360 miles away from home, I'm still content (which I wasn't). 

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