Hillmount (Niam)

After a night of partying and getting caught, Niall is forced to leave his city of Dublin to go live with his uncle on the country side. Spending his summer in Hillmount, Niall want’s nothing more than to go back home and see his friends again. The last thing Niall ever expected was to find love, especially in a guy. Torn between his love for the city, and his new found love in the country, Niall must learn to follow his heart. Which path would he choose?


2. Chapter One


If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, please let me know. I would kindly appreciate it. Anywhooo... tell me what you think of this chapter? :)

~Niall's Point of View~

I could feel the vibration of the bass pounding throughout my body. My heart beat kept in rhythm on it as it blared throughout my house and backyard. I watched the people around me strip and jump into the pool with their drink in their hand. I watched the others dance on my large patio bumping groins against bumps. You could smell the alcohol  sweat, and feel the humid summer night air making my clothes stick to my skin.

I watched as two of my best mates strolled up to me, the tallest one with a girl wrapped around under his arm. "Zayn, Louis! Glad you guys made it!" I yelled to them over the music as we each bumped fist and gave them each a 'bro hug.' "Are you crazy?! We wouldn't miss it for the world! You always throw the best parties!" Louis hollered back at me.

Louis was wearing a purple-redish shirt with a light grey zip up jacket and some navy blue sweats. How in the fucking hell was he able to wear that and not get hot in this damn heat? I looked over at Zayn who had his arm draped over a girl whom I've never met before. Zayn was wearing a plan white t-shirt such as myself but kept it a dark leather jacker over it and some jeans. The strange girl was wearing a read and orange tank that tucked into her light blue high waist shorts. Here hair was blonde but was dyed pink at the bottom. Weird. Despite her hair; her legs looked fabulous. I subconsciously licked my lips as I stared at her, but I heard Zayn clear his throat which drew my attention away from her. "This is Addison. She's from Australia, dude" Zayn roared in excited. I extended my hand out towards her, switching my drink over to my left hand. "Niall" I said loud enough over the music. I had to admit, I was pretty impressed to find out there are girls from out of the country coming to my parties. I feel like this has been a big accomplishment now.

Zayn wiggled his eyebrows at me which signals he wants a private room for 'alone' time with Addison. I just smirked and nodded my head once. He grinned like a buffoon as he dragged Addison away and into my house. "I'll owe you one" he slurred out quietly as he walked past. When I turned back around, Louis was gone and out of sight. What the hell? Wasn't he just literally here a second ago?  I shrugged my shoulders as I walked away from my spot. Man, this heat was really getting to me and I've been slightly aroused for the past half hour. "I really need to get laid" I told myself quietly.

 I felt like I was walking in and out of my house for hours, looking for a sexy candiate. I pulled out my phone to look at the clock. "00:23" it read. Great, it's still early. Looking around the outside, my eyes finally landed on a short brunette. She was wearing a Lady Gaga Fame top and black high-waist shorts. Her hair was long and wavy, and by the looks of it; she wasn't wearing any makeup. She looked stunning against the moonlight. A grin spread across my face as I took in her beauty and admired the way she danced with her friends. A part of me wanted to go over and greet her but at the same time I felt intimidated by her. Isn't that weird? Taking the last swig of my drink of what was left in my cup, I threw the red empty plastic cup to the ground before making my way over. Somehow the last drink made me feel more confident.

Her smile. Her laugh. The way her skin felt smooth against mine. The way her body grinded so perfectly into mine as we danced. The way her chocolate eyes shined behind the glassy exterior the alcohol gave her. She seemed so happy, so pure, and so carefree all into one. Her voice flowed like a calm sea in the gentle breeze. The more I stuck around her the more discovered, even if she was buzzed. She shared every joke, every story, every laugh with me. I never knew two people could get along so well; so fast. I knew the alcohol was talking when thoughts repeated in my head. "She's the one, she's the one" it said over and over. I knew it was crazy talk. I didn't even get her name.

At first she seemed like the perfect girl to hook up with. Now she's just a perfect girl I'd never want to hurt. Isn't that crazy? I wasn't in the mood for just some random hook-up now. This wasn't like me. It scared me but I was just so intoxicated by her scent, I didn't want to leave her side. I wanted her to feel protected, to be protected. What if she doesn't even remember me in the morning? That thought startled me. I did the only rational thing at the moment. I kissed her. By the way she immediately responded to it, I knew I had made the right move. Her lips were so soft, her breath smelled like alcohol and I'm pretty sure mine did too, maybe even worse. She seemed like she didn't mind though. I groaned a little as she pulled away with, flashing me those pearly whites as she smiled at me. Click. That was the sound of me remembering her smile for the rest of my life.

Sometime later in the night she had left. Not before I was able to exchange numbers with her first of course. I smiled as I stared down at my newly added contact. "Adabelle Smith" it read. Such an American name. That's because she was American. I learned that she moved here to Dublin with her father and older sister three years ago. It made me wonder how close she actually lived. Dublin was such a big city, so why did she come to my party out of all the popular pubs she could've went to instead? Hey, I'm not going to complain, considering I may have found my future wife; but still.. How? And most importantly... Why?

I looked down at a picture I had snapped of her and I before she left. Her smile was just as radient as it has been all night. I realised that if we were a couple, we would've been a cute one. Sighing, I closed out of my contact app and looked at the time; "4:56." Damn, time really did fly when you're having fun. I looked around and noticed a few people still stuck around. Others were laying in the green, frosted grass. Some where laying in their underpants, while others continued to do keg stands. It's been so long since I've thrown a party, I almost forgot how out of control they get.

I heard a car doors slamming in the background, but I didn't think anything of it. I just automatically assumed people were starting to leave. I looked around my somewhat occupied yard. It was filled with red plastic cups all over, especially in the pool. Not to mention a few half-naked blokes laying in the grass. I chuckled at the state my yard laid in. "Niall! Niall!" I heard what sounded like Louis. He was still here? I had completely forgotten about him and Zayn. I turned around and saw Louis rushing right out me, tripping over his own feet in the process. I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably. Her stood there breathing heavily trying to catch his breath. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by somebody clearing their throat. I looked up the same time Louis turned around.


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