Jimmy and I

Jenny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Jenny; always together. Now their relationship has become far serious, the two lovers undertake the journey of a lifetime to emigrate to France, but with the danger of War looming, the couple may find their relationship is strained more than ever.
Set in 1935, character based on Nurse Jenny Lee from the BBC series, Call The Midwife.


1. The Dome


I had been dreaming about this day ever since I could remember. I looked out of the window and tried to savour this moment. The light breeze was encouraging the bright green leaves to dance in swirling patterns beneath the late afternoon sun. As they rose up and down with the wind, I saw Jimmy’s maroon car pull up into the drive. He got out and leant against the bonnet desirably. I ran into the hall and swung the door open ready to embrace him, when he started towards me, grabbed hold of my waist and held me tightly against his chest.
“Jenny,” he smiled. “You look beautiful” he said this and admired me at arm’s length in my favourite lemon yellow poodle skirt. His supple hands played with my pin-curls as I blushed lightly at his compliments.

“We really do need to get going Jimmy.” I interrupted.

“Of course. Your carriage awaits m’lady.” Jokingly, he bowed and led the way to his car, shinning in the warmth of the summer’s day. He opened the door for me and hauled my luggage into the boot before joining me in the front of the car.

“Ready?” He asked?


Jimmy and I were always close, people you used to call us ‘Jenny and Jimmy’ when we were children because we were like two peas in a pod. We were neighbours on Hebdon Avenue and we attended the same school together too. But we only really saw a likeness in one another when we were sixteen years old and things got serious. Every time his deep blue eyes stared into mine, my heart fluttered. His chiselled features, flowing blonde hair and lovely pink, soft lips caught me. And once I had fallen for him, there was no falling back out. Whenever he looked at me lovingly, I couldn’t help but flush and smile.

We must have been driving for a good ten minutes before either of us spoke, not because we were bitter either. Quite the opposite, the excitement had left our minds overworking.

“Have you been practising your French Jenny?

“Oui, monsieur. Je fais.” I answered with a cheeky smile across my face.

“Je t’aime,” He whispered in my ear as he took my hand.

“Eyes on the road,” I told him, trying to hold back a smile.

We pulled into a small car park about an hour’s drive outside of Surrey. I looked around curiously at the neatly kept gardens and trees that surrounded the cars and building next to us, not made of brick like most of the buildings in the area. It looked rather out of place, with its dark marble stonework at the front door. Nightfall crept slowly upon us as it was nearing eight O’ clock. The evenings were growing later and later, normal for early June.

“Come on Jenny, you’ll love this!” Jimmy exclaimed, he walked on ahead of me, dragging our suitcases behind him. I hurried after so as not to miss anything.

The large marble double-doors were pushed gently open by the doorman who wore a pleasant smile and an emerald green uniform, his greying hair just showing beneath his matching green material hat. Jimmy ushered me in before him and I nodded a thanks to both gentlemen.

In the foyer, I was greeted delightfully by large, pale marble pillars which towered majestically above me almost like tall palm trees on a serene beach. I could hear the tapping of heels coming closer, but I couldn’t see anyone. I turned back to Jimmy to check he was still behind me, but he seemed to have disappeared. The footsteps grew louder. A lady of medium height stepped towards me from behind and startled me.

“Hello, I was just wondering have you seen my –“

“Jimmy? Oh yes, he’s just gone to attend to your room and make sure that everything is satisfactory before you enter.” The lady reassured.

“Oh, okay. Thank you,” I trailed off at the end, as I was too busy wondering what tricks Jimmy might be pulling out from under his sleeve.

The lady stood in front of me and smiled, it seemed almost forced, nowhere near as pleasant as the doorman’s friendly grin. Her name badge indicated that her name was Sandra Eaton and that she was the deputy manager of this establishment. However, I wasn’t quite sure what this establishment was…

“Er, excuse me, but where am I?” I uttered, embarrassed.

“Why my dear, you’re at the dome!” She replied, I could see by her facial expression that she was slightly confused as to why I had no idea where I was.

“-And the dome is?” my face began to turn an even darker shade of scarlet.

“The Dome, my dear girl, is the finest hotel in Surrey.” She pronounced proudly, gesturing around with her hands.

She was right, it was mighty fine. The marble embellishments on the ceiling definitely secreted fine. 

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