Land of Confusion: based on the song/music video by Disturb


Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music vidieo on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


40. Dessum

 "When is Darkness going to come Dessum?" Leroy whispered, like her, he was getting impatient. They were crouched in a destroyed buildings looking at an army.

"Hey Ally, how's it look up there? What are we facing" Dessum said in a walkie talkie that responded to Ally's.

"About five squads and one tank that is unmanned or I hope that is accurate." Ally reported.

 It was almost two and the conference already started in Sinidel's palace. Soon Darkness came out of the alleyway his arms was at his sides his walk was steady almost like he wanted time to drone on. His chains rattled on each step grazing on the blacktop.

Then he stopped. A dead silence filled the air it looked like a scene out of a movie. One man against millions that was going to win the war for all. His black hair moved in the wind that hung a little out of the mask as he stood silently in front of the army as a few army soldiers turned to face him ready for a quick capture.

"What is he doing?" Leroy asked as one of the members popped his head up from a manhole to see what was going on as the papers moved like tumbleweeds in the dessert.

"Just give him time." Dessum said as she ducked a little lower to let other people see.

Then Darkness threw his fist up in the air and yelled. "That was the signal, Let's go!" Dessum yelled as people everywhere came out of their hiding spots. Some were with Ally others were with Leon and Leroy. Crimzen was with Doc, helping him set up for the wounded.

Others were people that came from the streets. They marched into the streets, from buildings and alleys Dessum was armed with only a knife.(she preferred someone else to have the gun)

Michel pulled a piece of metal that was sticking out from some rubble and marched with the rest of the group of resistance members and people that chose to fight.

Dessum couldn't help but remember the past during the long march to where she could hear it talking to her. "Sharpie! Sharpie, don't go!" she could hear her three year old self scream. "WHY SHARPIE, WHY?" It kept screaming before it went on to the second grade Dessum she could hear the firing of make believe guns fire around her even though they were real "Jude Stronghold, you are under arrest and if you do not turn yourself and the children over to the sindrafacation act that was just passed." She could hear the conversation rerun again in her mind just before she saw her teacher die.

"You have no authority for the kids if you wanted just me, fine but if you want the kids you'll have to pry each one out of my cold dead fingers and body."

"All right have it your way, men you know the drill!" Then an army man tackled her to the ground she tried to kill him but in no time he had her pined. He was about ready to slash a knife against her throat ending her life forever the last words that came to her mind was her father's before he sealed the study for good.

"You will learn when you are older, but for now it will keep coming, keep changing to where soon the big man will suffocate all. My work is now a failure." She looked around at the people that were fighting, Leroy beating a brick onto a soldier's skull. Darkness striping a gun off of a solder and handing it to someone else then immediately flipping another. Then she focused on the soldier as a happier time when her father and her was playing in the backyard. All full of laughter with her mom in the distance, she thought of how so long ago that was. Then all of a sudden, the army solders eyes didn't look freighting and the struggle stopped. In fact he became lighter. She could feel the blood drip onto her before she tossed him aside to reveal Crimzen behind the soldier's body. She was holding a pistol and still aiming where the solder was and right at Dessum her shirt was gone but she was still wearing a bra with jeans and boots with her shin guards still on. She had on red face paint under her eyes to make it look like she was crying blood. The bandage around her waist was still there with her locket around her neck as well as a spiked dog caller. She looked way more Gothic then before as she helped Dessum up.

"We got to stop meeting like this." Crimzen joked.

"I thought you were with Doc." Dessum asked

"I was till I got bored. Then I came here besides I am more useful here." Crimzen chimed as she had a glimmer of pride in her eyes. Then Crimzen knelt down to the dead body.

"I recognize the uniform the small difference tells me he was the one that killed my parents." She said as she slowly undid the mask. Dessum was surprised to see that he was a normal human being. Just a man with a worked out face and brown hair. His facial expression was with fear and triumph but other than that just a plain man in a scary mask.

Dessum almost felt sorry for them. For forever being bonded with Sinidel.

Then she spotted Darkness head towards Sinidel's palace where the conference was held.

"Everyone on me the government will fall today!" She yelled as she led the squads behind Darkness leaving destruction behind them. He pulled the doors to where the hedges squeaked and wined till they gave away to his strength leaving an open hole where the doors once stood. He walked into the palace with a secure look as Dessum's heart was racing inside her chest. The thought of finally doing this, taking someone's life, just did not go well to her since she already had blood on her hands in reality and mentally.

 Then Darkness crossed his arms and smiled as he stepped aside to let people destroy the representatives. The representatives ran for their lives as people grabbed them and beat them to death. (Ally and others kept saying that they never felt so alive that day. Bringing death to others.) All Dessum could do was watch. Then she noticed that Darkness left and was down the hall

"Everyone to the target move move move!" She ordered as many people followed Darkness down the hall. Soon Dessum was sorta alone. There were people moaning from the wounds. She started to turn around when she spotted some government official on the floor his hair was white and wavy he had a Japan flag pinned on his now blood stained suit. He was coughing on his own blood and was struggling to breathe. Soon he filled his longs one last time as Dessum went to catch up to her father before she forgot the reason she was doing this.

When she did catch up to him he had an unsure look on his face. Then they came to Sinidel's throne room. As Darkness opened the doors Sinidel was leaning back on his massive chair and his size three hundred something shoes was on the massive desk. He stood up from his seat as Darkness pointed at him and yelled "Attack!" and pointed at Sinidel letting people pass him and throw their anger on the enemy.

Sinidel did look like a huge ball with long arms and stubby legs. His black suit must have taken millions to make. His face looked like something out of a cartoon with a triple double chin and a mustache that looked like handlebars off his massive round face and a cigar that had a Sinidel symbol on it. Plus he had a gold eyeglass over his left eye that was real gold chain and everything, even a tiny top hat that looked off with his huge appeal.

Leroy threw a rope with a hook that he had around Sinidel as Crimzen did the same with someone else's. Dessum grabbed Leroy's rope as she saw Sinidel started to lose his balance and he swatted Crimzen out of the way.

"Crimzen! " She yelled as Crimzen hit the ground and Ally took Crimzen's spot. Sinidel fell to the ground as people restrained him to the floor.

Some, inclining Darkness climbed onto him. Darkness walked onto Sinidel's massive double chin keeping eye contact the whole way as he kicked the cigar out of his mouth and onto the floor. Then Darkness sat on Sinidel's massive double chin and took his eyeglass off and threw it like a Frisbee and almost hit Dessum as she dodged it by seconds and landed near Crimz and Ally still held the rope tighter as before since she took Dessum's spot as well and held both ropes till someone could take over.

Dessum looked up and saw her father's fist light up where Sinidel's pupil was and flew into the air and through the ceiling. Crimzen just looked amazed at the stunning light that Dessum was amazed to see as well. She had never known how powerful he truly was till that moment.

He was out of sight for a moment. Then he came back in light speed and smashed into Sinidel the ropes dangled a second then it dropped to the floor as streaks of green light made a form of two cones that had money fly into the path of the light. Darkness cried in triumph as he crossed his arms and then let them go to his side in a bicep curl, his fists still clenched through all this. Everyone watched as the light flew the dollars out of the building where Sinidel once laid but no one went to grab them for the fear of being possessed.

After the last dollar flew Darkness just fled through the hole and everyone ran outside to see that most of the buildings were magically fixed the fires were out Darkness was across the street atop of a library that had a flat roof.

"I know that I had done wrong of leaving you." He started. "And now I can say a promise I can keep. No more broken promises like the past, Just peace." He said as a small crowd started singing the true national anthem that Dessum was proud to sing as Darkness stood and waved his hands in celebration like a football player calling a pass to himself. But only few words were changed for the occasion that they were free now and forever as they live.

Dessum was in a trance to catch what all was singing but she didn't care. She came from destruction and now in the land of light that was replaced by true light of dark. Dessum looked at her father she was proud of everything that had happened during the past few weeks.

As they came to the last line of the song (that turns out Crimzen started the whole thing) Dessum came out of her fog and raised her fist into the air followed by the five thousand some others that were there.

"And the land among the free. And the home of the DARK!" everyone sang in celebration of the dark freeing light again and forever.

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