Land of Confusion: based on the song/music video by Disturb


Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music vidieo on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


32. Dessum

"Doc! I have an injured! It's Crimz!" Dessum yelled as all heads in that area pointed straight to her in horror. Crimzen already passed out in her arms as she walked through the corridor that connected the city to the hospital. Doc was working with a patient that hurt his arm and was being wrapped up the middle of the room where the minor injuries were treated.

"Oh no. Treama, take over. This one is a rarity!" Doc yelled as a black women took over for him. "This way." he ordered as he showed them to a room with a white table and a machine that looked like a computer monitor, "Set Crimzen here." he said as his assistant named David came into the room.

"Where am I," Crimzen said as she started waking up Dessum couldn't help but smiling at the fact that she was still with them and Dessum could talk to her.

"Just stay still my friend, it'll hurt for a while but it is what I have to do, Dessum keep her calm." Doc said as he fetched a curling iron. "You are lucky." He said as he ripped away Crimzen's shirt to reveal the wound. "You got a laser bullet. Which means nothing to take out, now  just hold still." He said as Crimzen looked away as he put the curling iron to the wound to surge it closed Crimzen yelped in pain as the hot iron severed her skin closed. "Here, you put this over her mouth she's starting to squirm." Doc said as the assistant, who took the bottle from Doc and dumped a little on the cloth and put it over Crimzen's mouth who fell asleep almost immediately. Dessum wanted to leave but for unknown reasons she stayed. She saw her best friend's blood all over the desk and a trail that lead though the door. She stood by her friend with sorrow. As Doc and his assistant worked on Crimz, she looked peaceful in a time Dessum knew was hell.

"I hate seeing my friend like this." She whispered then she started to walk out. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she heard Doc say, "We're losing her!"

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