Land of Confusion: based on the song/music video by Disturb


Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music vidieo on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


30. Dessum

Dessum walked into her cell. Ally and Crimzen were staring at her as she walked in. Gem was the only one that brought her in since the other one had to help out with preparations or, Dessum thought, another execution.

"Well, anything?" Crimzen asked shattering the silence.

"No, not really." Dessum sighed she looked at the floor, lost in thought. The image of Darkness stained everywhere Dessum looked and the feeling just kept getting stronger.

"Nothing? You were there this whole time and he told you nothing!"

Crimzen yelled Dessum could feel herself get smaller and smaller with every word.

"Crimz I really think you should lay off the questions a..." Ally squeaked trying to calm Crimzen down but she cut her off.

"It had to be important if he wanted to talk to her all alone." Crimzen yelled then she abruptly grabbed Dessum's shoulders. "Tell me what he said!" She yelled then she flew Dessum backwards. She stumbled a few steps and tripped landing on the concrete floor underneath her where Crimzen spattered blood earlier. Dessum could feel a few tears streak down her face.

"Look what you've done you,you, power hungry Sinidel!" Ally shrieked as she came to Dessum's side. Dessum never saw this side of Crimzen and Ally before. She was most surprised about Ally. And apparently, so was Ally by the look she gave afterwards.

"Well I.. You're right." Crimzen sighed realizing that she was turning into a monster. "I guess I am a, you know. Your right I shouldn't give Dessum a hard time."

"He did tell me something, but I'd rather not say fully." Dessum looked to the side. "Do I, um, have amber eyes?" Dessum asked as she faced her friends.

"Ya you always did Desire. Why did you ask? Have you ever looked in the mirror at your house?" Ally questioned, confused at the sudden quiz show about Dessum.

"No, my mom never had a mirror in the house and if we did it would be a tiny one stashed out of sight." Dessum explained then she asked another question that was even more random than the first, "Do I have sharp teeth, like Darkness?" Crimzen and Ally gave her an confused look.

“kind of," Ally started then Crimzen took over. "It's not noticeable at a quick glance. But, you do notice it if you are talking a while." That was not what Dessum wanted to hear. She was hoping that she didn't look like Denis or Darkness or her dad or whoever that so-called hero is. She was just confused of all that was happening the sudden turn of events made her want to end this war even greater than before. She just wanted it all to end.

"Why do you ask these things?" Crimzen asked as she too was confused.

"No reason, just was wondering." Dessum said but Crimzen just wouldn't buy it at all. Ally was still silent, but Dessum could tell she wasn't buying it either.

"No reason huh?" Crimzen sassed as she came to Dessum's level.

"Dessum?"Ally whined a little confirming Dessum's belief. Just then for some odd reason Dessum just broke. She was about to spill her and her father's secret all over the concrete floor. But just before she did Leroy came to their cell with some keys and Gem was right behind him.

"Were leaving, Darkness and Gem are going to be our ticket out." Leroy mocked as he unlocked the door.

"About time Leroy!" Crimzen chimed as she got up. "I had yet to tell them what's going on but there is one more thing we have yet to find."

She whispered as she tapped the stone where the mirror was hung which Dessum didn't realize was missing.

"What are you doing?" Ally quickly asked.

"They wouldn't keep us in the same cell if.. bingo! Crimzen said as she found a secret compartment. “If they couldn't get something out of us." She mumbled. "Have fun finding us Sinidelians!" She chimed to the video camera and smashed it on the floor, breaking it into little pieces and grabbing the chip that was inside and tossed it into the sink and pushed the chip down the drain and left the water on to flush it somewhere. And then she made sure that the camera was just in little pieces to where it became a absolute loss. "Done!" She huffed as Leroy looked at his watch.

"One min and ten seconds. New time Crimz." Leroy said and Crimzen smiled like she won a prize. "Anyway, we better get moving before they figure out." Leroy hustled then an alarm went off and Gem's radio went haywire with orders and exclamations.

"Dark is out we are in lockdown! Every..." Dessum could make out. Before static took over the radio.

"Great!" Leroy said under his breath as he ran down the hallways while Gem was hollering directions and answering questions. Dessum's heart was rapidly beating in her chest and ran with group as Leroy led the way fallowed by Gem and Crimzen. the dark hallways were everywhere as they turned into them they was meet with shrieks of guards saying more commands and how Gem is with them, trying to have us ether escape or taking us back to our cells.

"We have three minutes before that gate closes and.." Gem said as they got to Darkness's cell. Dessum abruptly stopped and stared at the empty cell. The chains that held a prisoner were broken and there was one that laid on the floor that looked like it was part of a chain that was attached to his neck like a dog that would do something wrong if it wasn't chained up otherwise. Dessum fell to her knees

"Why?" She silently squeaked out her memories and relationship of her father and the world lay on the floor, the strength just walked off showing never downfall of the helpless. She knew the answer.

She stood up as she went inside she felt the chains, they were heavy, much more then she thought, she could hear screams of the silent victims as the chains made their music.

Dessum finally understood. All in one day feeling so alone but she was little she never understood. Her world of reunion was shattered when Crimzen came to the door and yelled, "C'mon we have to leave." Dessum looked at her for a moment, her face must had looked like she was at a loss because Crimzen explained," You don't want to be here forever now do you? Or even die in here?" finally Dessum figured out what she was saying and followed her outside.

It was raining the cold rushed over and hugged her to where it sent chills down her neck. The rain bounced off her head and streamed down her face. They came to the prison wall surrounding the building where Crimzen and Dessum reunited with the group.

"Ok, what now?" Ally asked.

"We climb. Just like last time." Crimzen explained as she started climbing. Dessum didn't realize that the wall had holes in it like a rock climbing wall at her school. Crimzen made it to the top as Leroy followed. It became a little slick towards the top but Crimzen climbed the wall like a natural. She could tell that this wasn't Leroy's first time either. He lost his footing only once but Crimzen helped him recover and over the wall. Ally was next she got started fine but she slipped halfway up the five story wall she hung there with one arm trying to grab something with the other but it was too late. She fell to the ground below. But she managed to turn herself and land on her feet.

"Night industrial gymnastics." She said as she started again. "Ouch," Dessum heard her grunt as she slowly climbed up. "That hurt." She said as she finally came to the top.

"That true?" Crimzen asked as she helped Ally up.

"Just another day. Guess how I get away from those solders." Ally said as she nodded towards the jail. Then she turned around and jumped off to Leroy waiting below. Dessum could hear a gun go off behind her.

"Get out of here!" Gem yelled as Dessum started to climb up as fast as she could. She could hear orders of them to search and destroy in so many languages it made her confused the cold concrete dug into her palms and scraped her knees. Dessum only looked down for a foot hole as she saw bullets and lasers make engravings on the stone, sounding like a thundering hailstorm plus Crimzen was yelling at her to hurry but Dessum had never done this before. Crimzen's face was smeared with rain and dirt it reminded Dessum of a mountain climber she had once read about in one of the many books in her father's study. Her tall appearance glimmered in a clash of lighting then faded away. Before the light disappeared Dessum saw Crimz wrench a little but she regained composure before Dessum looked down for another foot hole.

Gem was looking upwards her glasses locked on Dessum. Then she fell forward then she threw off her glasses to the wall. And she rolled over in pain but then Gem's training kicked in as she only gasped for breaths as she started to shoot the other soldiers. Gem only had very little chance but she held on as best as she could. Dessum grabbed Crimzen's hand when she got to the top of the wall she only looked down for a second, Gem was still against the wall trying to fight back but Dessum could tell she was getting weaker. Their eyes locked for a moment then Gem moved to Crimzen. Dessum looked at Crimzen who nodded in the distant face of the world and hoisted Dessum up to the edge.

Both girls looked down and saw Gem stop firing. In the glimmer of a lighting bolt Dessum could see Gem slowly raising the gun to herself.

"For the old world! For the old JAPAN!" She cheered in her own language. (One of the members translated for her since the force has members that are from a few different countries) Then Dessum heard a gun go off as she fell into Leroy's arms. Crimzen just stood there for a minute.

"Common Crimz!"Ally yelled. Then she jumped after she made sure Leroy was ready.

"Keep quiet I don't want them to be worried till I can get to him." Crimzen whispered after Leroy set her on the ground.

"But," Leroy tried to negotiate but something stopped him. Then a flash of lighting showed why he stopped, but for only a second.

"We better get moving."Crimzen said as she started to move towards the city the building was unsecured on the outside after a few blocks. Just a stream that they had to cross.

"Oh come on it's not that deep just fast." Crimzen said as she stepped in she fell forward but caught herself. "That could've been bad. Let's go everyone."

Dessum wasn't sure if Crimz would last long since the sun had started to rise and the valleys had nowhere to hide. But the soft grass felt good on her ankles and shins. The sun smiled at her as she made it across the stream. She knew time was short for Crimz since she was moving slower and slower unlike her quick heroic speed Dessum and the rest were used to.

Then they came to part of the city. Dessum and the group found an old run down diner to settle down for a rest. They had been walking for hours. Dessum took note that Ally was walking next to Crimzen and Leroy on her other side while Dessum was behind her trying to keep her afloat as they entered the restaurant. She could tell they knew about Crimzen's situation but didn't show concern for her sake.

Her outfit was really showing signs of her wound. Blood glimmered on her purple shirt. Her locket, that Dessum hadn't seen in a while,was inside her shirt the chain shimmering on her neck as she went inside the restaurant.

 "Ok the next thing we, we should do is, is," Crimzen started then she fainted to the floor her hand covering her wound. Dessum knew this would happen as Leroy set her down on the ground gently as he could. Her breathing became deep and calm like she had been practicing when this would happen. "Man, adrenaline let me down." She sighed as she laid there.

"She needs to see Doc. There's a passageway in the old McDonald’s that is on this side of town. The problem is that the place is crawling with Sinidel loyalists. We can't go through without being seen." Leroy huffed.

"We have to try." Dessum said as Ally was ripping off a peace of her shirt to use on Crimzen's wound. "Don't worry Crimz, we'll help you." Dessum said calmly as she picked Crimzen up, surprisingly she was really light for what Dessum thought. "Keep pressure and just hold on." She could see Crimzen smile at weak smile of confidence as the four started their long journey.

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