Land of Confusion: based on the song/music video by Disturb


Desire (or Dessum) lives in Sinidel D.M. after the now world leader Sinidel had been turning the world upside down . But when the war between him and the resistance cetches up with her wourld of day by day life and doing what her dad tought her about the old world. She will have to take a stand with her old and new friends in the Land of Confusion.
(a/N: this book is 3 seprate stories in 1. so you have a coice to mix it up or read in order. )


I will like to thank the band Disturbed for the remake of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis and the amazing music vidieo on youtube that inspired me to write this book!!!!!


22. Dessum

"Ok, everyone know who's with whom." Dessum said as she looked at the small map that was drawn out by Taylor earlier. Dessum's mission was to be a distraction for the troops like Crimzen did yesterday morning when they were in trouble. The rest of the group was supposed to finish up the mission and being at night the troops were usually double then the day because there are fewer people and the thieves and the resistance force are out, but mostly thieves, Dessum really wanted Crimz here now to help her out. Leon and Taylor were there to help but she knew they wouldn't defend her till later, after she saves Crimzen and Ally.

"Ok Taylor, Leon you have to cut the alarm here and here." She pointed to a hallway to the bank and the vault only a few of you would be with me. You know that when the alarm sounds then defend the mission but let me look like I am the leader and sacrifice myself. Then you will join the rest of the group. Taylor you have the recording if they don't call it off after I get dragged away." She explained.

"Yep. All I need is a speaker." he said showing Dessum a tape recorder wired to where he could manage the radios and an army walkie talkie that had a Sinidel symbol. "This little baby is going to make me sound like a real personnel." He joked as he slipped the gadget under the blanket that was covering his legs.

"Perfect, everyone ready?" Dessum asked, it felt so surreal to her that she was actually doing this; she started plotting this mission this afternoon when she got permission from the council, now she is actually doing it.

She and three other people who were going to have their final test to get into the resistance force were with her. They stood by the entrance of the mall where Crimzen Ally and her were at earlier that day while the rest of them were fulfilling the mission.

Dessum took a deep breath as she saw solders on the horizon coming closer matching each other’s steeps. "Ok Arian should trip the alarm..". She thought as a siren went off Dessum fired the first shot at the soldiers as they were coming right to them. "Let's buy them some time, fight to the last breath!” Dessum tried to act like Crimzen would during this situation. Then she heard one of the members say, "There's too many of them! " Dessum could tell the panic in his voice.

"We must buy them time to get out of there!" Dessum said as one of the members yelled and got down on one knee, holding one arm. Dessum thought wildly while guns were blazing, some of the group had only crowbars and baseball bats or any other household weapons they could find and trying to fight off the solders like David and Goliath. She dropped her weapon to the ground and stepped forward while telling everyone to do the same. The war stopped as a weary silence fell over the battlefield. Dessum kept walking up to the soldiers with her head up high then she stopped a few feet in front of them and tossed her weapon aside it landed into the same potted vase that Crimzen and them hid that same morning and put her hands up in the air. “I surrender. Just leave the rest free." Dessum proudly exclaimed as she looked into a soldier’s eyes, which she had never done before, a yellow visor covered his eyes and there was nothingness with those visors.

"Why should we?" One asked that was looking at Dessum with full disgust.

"Because, I'm worthwhile and practically on a silver platter." Dessum said as two soldiers forced her down on her knees and put electric hand cuffs on her.

"It's a deal" the soldier said and was thoroughly convinced that Dessum was the captain of the squad now, as the two others helped her back up. "Leave the rest its Miss Desire I want now." The caption said and Dessum and the captain locked eyes for a minute then as they walked away into a green army truck with a Sinidel flag on the sides.

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