Harry. Styles. Those two words make so many guys jealous because they know as they sleep with their girlfriends they are dreaming about having me fuck them. That's the way of my life. Everything. Is. About. Me. End of story. Period. Exclamation point. Done. I want the cameras back on me, and I know exactly how I'm gonna do it. I'm going to create the biggest scandal ever. It's the perfect time to do so, so get ready because this is going to be the summer to break rules, and fall in love? I never thought she would be entering the picture. This changes everything. Me plus her equals catastrophe divide that and you get two teenagers who perfectly in love and utterly Wild.
**+15 for mature content {language, sexual scenes, etc}** Continuation of the Meet Me In Battersea Park stories, exemplified as Harry's story.


8. Trashing My Reputation

For some reason I was pulsing mad. I was crashing the lamp to the floor, ripping the sheets from the beds. Opening the balcony door and throwing the curtains out the window. I slammed my hands down on the balcony railing, watching the fan girls outside the gate looking up at me. They were screaming, trying to get my attention. I ignored them as I looked back down at the curtains falling swiftly to the hard ground. 

I realized how far away the ground was. How I could easily have my body meet the concrete. I swallowed as I stepped onto the railing and then sitting, both my legs now dangling. I looked down at my bare feet, knowing with just a push I would be gone. 

I could no longer receive help, I was useless, worthless. I was done, finished. It was my time to leave this disastrous world. The screams from the girls started to turn frantic as they soon realized what my intention was. They were shaking the gate, yelling at me, telling me to get off the railing. 

I wasn't listening, I didn't need to listen. This was my decision and I wanted to go with it. 

I was tired, so tired. I could feel my eyes closing, and soon I would be gone. Disappear. 

"Harry, for fuck's sake!" I heard my name but I was already lost.

My eyes closed, but instead of falling forward, I fell backward. I was taken off the balcony and dragged inside. 

Cricket's POV 

Simon helped me out of the car. The girls outside the gates were looking upwards and I followed their gaze. "Oh no," I breathed.

"What is it?" Simon asked me. I lifted one hand from the pocket of my jumper and pointed up to the top floor. "Fuck. We have to hurry." 

Simon and I walked into the complex and towards the elevator, "We won't have enough time. We have to take the stairs."

He nodded as we ran towards the emergency stairs and started running up nine flights of stairs. As we finally got to the last flight I was tired but I kept pushing myself. Simon slammed the door open to the ninth floor and went to the only door. Papers, magazines, anything were thrown outside the door. Scattered, ripped, shredded.

"What happened?" I asked. Simon didn't reply, but as he fumbled for his keys I looked towards the door knob. "I don't think you are going to need your keys."

The door was slightly open and Simon stepped over the paper and entered the flat. The door slamming into the wall as I glanced at the paper on the floor. Every sheet had something to do with One Direction.

I entered the flat, "Harry, for fuck's sake!" Simon exclaimed before he went onto the balcony and pulled Harry back inside by his shoulders. 

He was on the floor, Simon slapping his face. "Harry, where is it? Tell me! Where are you keeping it?!" 

Harry cleared his throat and then muttered, "Table."

Simon and I both looked towards the coffee table centered in the living room. There were three used syringes on a pile and I sucked in a breath, Simon the only one talking.

"Ugh," he exhaled. "Damn you, Harry. Where in the bloody hell did you find injections." 

"Mm," he smiled, his eyes wide as the emerald sparkled in the artificial lighting. 

"Is t--that morphine?" I didn't want the words to leave my mouth because I didn't want them true. 

"Yes," Simon looked up at me. "He's overdosed." 

"What?!" I almost screamed. "Should we do something?"

"Hmm," he was actually thinking about what to do? "I have the reverse medication, but I think he deserves to learn his lesson this time." He stood up as he continued to leave Harry on the floor. 

"What are you talking about?" I spoke quickly as I took Simon's place by Harry's side on the floor. 

"Soon the drug will take affect, his muscles will relax and with it his lungs," Simon walked back into the kitchen I heard him start a kettle of water for boil. 

"You mean...you mean he'll stop breathing?"

"Eventually, that was probably his true reason to overdose." 

"Why would he do something like this?" 

Simon leaned on the counter. "He obviously hasn't told you everything about himself. Things Louis doesn't even know." 

He smirked before turning back to the boiling water. I looked at Harry, his eyes were closing, his bottom lip falling. His chest was slowing. He was so quiet. 

The quiet didn't last long as Harry's eyes quickly opened, he breathed in deeply. His breathing try to keep up with his body but impossible as he struggled to take in air.

"Simon," I said scared. 

I heard moving, Simon running forward and then he was quickly on the other side of Harry. He quickly sank a needle into the skin just above his collarbone. I wasn't sure if I was expecting him to just get up, breathe normally and act like nothing happened, but it never did happen. 

"Oh come on," Simon let the syringe fall to the floor as he soon placed his folded palms over Harry's chest and started to pump. "Breathe, damn you." 

Simon continued to push down hard on his chest. I could feel the tears start to appear. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be. 

"Harry?" I breathed his name. 

Nothing happened, Simon's pressing started to cease. 

I looked up at him with wide eyes. 

"Why--Why are you stopping?!" I yelled at him.

I never saw Simon confused, lost and scared all together...ever. It seemed that it took him forever just to speak. "T-This never happened before. It's n-never gone this far." 

"What are you talking about?!" I knew I was growing hysterical but I couldn't help it. I took Simon's place and pumped Harry's chest. My tears falling from my eyes and creating dark circles on his white shirt. 

Moments passed and I suddenly felt the urge to find a corner and just curl into it. I looked at my red hands as I took them off his torso. I knew I was having a bad dream, and I would soon wake up screaming. 

I started pinching my skin, my tears coming down more heavily. I never woke up though, this was life. This was happening. 

I never thought it would occur, I closed my eyes super tight, until I heard something. My breath caught in my throat as I heard air. 


I opened my eyes and saw Harry's chest pumping up and down really fast as he stared up to the ceiling. 

"Holy fuck," he breathed as he brought his hand up to his hair and ruffled his curls. "That was amazing."

I was disgusted. "You're fucking ridiculous," I said before I stood up, and went back out onto the balcony, where we dragged Harry from his attempt. 

Harry's POV

"Cricket?" I watched as she left my side. I lifted myself on my elbows and watched Simon coming closer. He helped me get up, and once I was steady on my feet I looked up at him. "Was it bad?"

"Next time you overdose, I'm not giving you the antidote." He crossed his arms.

"That bad?"

"She thought she lost you. That girl--I've never seen any of the girls you bring home act like she just did." The mobile in the kitchen started to ring and I knew it was Simon's. "Ugh. Just remember for next time, and go do something with her, she gave you CPR for fuck's sake. I think she deserves at least a 'thank you.'"

He went to answer his mobile and I looked back onto the balcony where Cricket was leaning on the railing. The scream of the fan girls still echoed throughout the room. I took in my surroundings, seeing my horrid side effect of destroying everything in my flat. 

I exhaled then went to the balcony, where the screams obviously rose. "Cricket," I said her name, just hardly loud enough to hear, but I knew she heard me. She turned further away from me. "Please--."

"Harry, just stop," she said away from me. "I can't believe you would do something so stupid."

"Remember what you said yesterday...in your bedroom. You said that we were both bad for each other. I'm telling you right now that we will completely destroy each other."

She swallowed as she finally turned and her eyes touched mine. "What are you talking about?"

"We will both want each other, mentally, physically...sexually. We want each other so bad that it will eventually kill us. We will kill each other."

"Oh," she breathed. 

"Yea, and the worst part is that I can't live without you. I probably would've been dead if you weren't here."

"Me too," she said.

"How's Louis?" 

"He's going to be spending a couple of days in the hospital," she breathed as she tightened her arms closer around her chest. 

"I guess Simon can still pull a few punches," I smiled.

"No, I'm the one who did it." 

"What?" A smile grew faintly on my lips. 

"I was tired of living below him. He can no longer control me...and he could never control who I liked." Her eyes went from the floor back to mine. "Please never do this again to me." 

I knew what she was talking about, and I nodded, "I promise." 

The corner of her lips rose a little as she whispered, "Kiss me?" 

"Always," I breathed as I placed my hand on her waist and my other hand on her neck, supporting her. I pulled her close until our lips brushed together. 

The crowd below us was screaming. I closed the distance and felt her lips at the touch of my tongue. I wanted to devour her, make her scream my name, but I knew I could never be rough with this girl even though it killed me to keep patience. 

"Harry--," I heard Simon's voice, but I ignored him. Cricket was the only one I could feel, touch, and see; but she was the first to break away. 

I groaned as she pulled away, "What?" 

"Guess who saw the news about you and Louis?" He leaned against the door frame. 

My hand stayed on the small of Cricket's back as I shrugged, "Who?"

"Niall. He's coming home, and he's bringing Shiloh with him." 

My stomach dropped out my chest and I felt like I was going to vomit. Actually--.

I ran into the flat and towards my bathroom. The worst side effect of morphine, and with nothing in my stomach, bile filled the toilet basin. 

Niall and Shiloh? Was he trying to kill me? 

"Harry?" I looked up towards the sweet voice. "Who's Shiloh?"

"My past, and the girl who trashed my reputation in the first place."

"Oh," Cricket repeated that word. It drove me insane.

I stood up straight, "And I'm pretty sure you will be the one to trash my reputation the second time." 

"Oh, really?" She smiled. 

"That's if...," I was feeling brave, morphine still floated in my bloodstream as I skimmed my fingers down her side and on the bare skin of her thigh.

Her breath caught in her throat as I was approaching closer and closer to the hotness of her center. 

"Or you'll ruin mine," she breathed weakly.

"I already plan to," I smirked closer to her lips. "You're with me. You're mine." 

SOOOOOOO SORRRYYY!!! Especially from my little mishap earlier this week when I published one sentence! I don't know what happened!! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Harry's going to be getting a little more rough throughout the rest of the story...so I hope you like him. He's definitely sexy. 

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Much love, Morgan 

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