Harry. Styles. Those two words make so many guys jealous because they know as they sleep with their girlfriends they are dreaming about having me fuck them. That's the way of my life. Everything. Is. About. Me. End of story. Period. Exclamation point. Done. I want the cameras back on me, and I know exactly how I'm gonna do it. I'm going to create the biggest scandal ever. It's the perfect time to do so, so get ready because this is going to be the summer to break rules, and fall in love? I never thought she would be entering the picture. This changes everything. Me plus her equals catastrophe divide that and you get two teenagers who perfectly in love and utterly Wild.
**+15 for mature content {language, sexual scenes, etc}** Continuation of the Meet Me In Battersea Park stories, exemplified as Harry's story.


10. No.

 **Graphic **

Harry's POV

I was outside on the balcony watching the sunset. The oranges and yellows filling the sky. The security guards telling the fan girls to leave for the night. The summer wind blew gently, ruffling my curls. My hands were held tight together until I noticed the iron gate opening and a taxi entering. 

I looked down, I knew it wasn't Niall and Shiloh who decided to go to Battersea to meet up with Shiloh's dad. Niall got management to rent him a car while they stayed here in the city. Instead I watched the taxi, until the back door opened and the familiar shade of strawberry blonde hair appeared. She closed the door and looked up at my balcony, her Ray-Bans set on her nose as she looked at me. 

We shared no amount of emotion as she looked away and entered the building. I would normally go to the door and greet her, but I didn't understand her boundaries anymore. I would rather stay where I am and not cross paths with her again. A part of me was afraid that she decided to go back to Doncaster, and I realized that I couldn't live without her. I just couldn't. 

I heard the front door open and then close. I didn't turn, until I was forced to. A tug on my belt loops made me turn and face her. I was startled by the way she was actually acting. 

Her hands lay out on my chest, fingers spread over my white tee shirt. Her sunglasses still covering her eyes, I touched the plastic frame, pushing them up on her head. 

"I thought you went home," I almost whispered. 

She shook her head slightly, "I couldn't."


She exhaled before looking back up a me, her hands tightening to fists around my shirt. "Louis who?"

A small smile grew on my lips, bringing her closer to me and just when our lips were about to touch she whispered her sweet seductive voice. 

"You've already kidnapped me. I will always come back to you."

"Just don't give yourself to someone else."

"I'm all yours," the corners of her lips went up before she pulled me, closing the distance between us. 

I held her tight to my body, before she walked back and soon we were in the warmth of the apartment. She fell back onto the couch before coming up on her knees. She tugged and pulled my shirt over my head throwing it to the floor, but before she could continue I was on top of her. Kissing her anywhere, her giggles becoming loud as I nibbled below her ear. 

"Take me to your bed," she whispered heavily into my ear and soon I was picking her up in my arms and taking her to the bedroom. I didn't bother closing any doors but let the summer air fill the house with the fresh sex air that would soon form. 

I dropped her onto the unmade bed and soon our lips met in the middle, her moans making my muscles tense. My fingers took the fabric of her shirt in my hands and I pulled the fabric over her head, noticing that she was still wearing my tee shirt from earlier. The shirt fell to the floor and I thought my fingertips would feel the outline of her bra, but nothing came in contact except the hardness of her skin. 

I released her lips, my forehead touching her lips as my thumb crossed her bare nipple. She kissed my forehead until I lowered and touched her collarbone with my lips. Warm air escaping past my teeth as her body relaxed in my hold on her. I continued to place a path of kisses until my skin ran along the stiffness of her nipple. She sucked in a breath as I kissed her and then gently sucking. 

My thumb continued to caress her other hardened nipple as her fingers pulled on the curls at the bottom of my neck. Her back arched, pulling me closer to her as I sucked harder. 

"Is this what the drug feels like?" 

I stopped, confused about her question. I looked up at her, "What?"

"What does it feel like?"

"It makes you feel numb, it's not a feeling people normally want to have." 

"I do." 

My forehead creased, what is she doing? "No," I muttered.

"I want to try it with you. I want to feel it with you," her arms still around my neck, but I pulled her arms free.

"I'm not going to let you get high," I said firmly. I escaped her grip and was now standing. She sat in front of me on the bed on her knees, her bare chest tempting, but I looked away. "How could you ask me to do something so stupid?"

"It's not stupid," she said simply. "Harry I've taken drugs--."

"Stop," I suddenly didn't want to hear anymore. "No," I repeated.

She came towards me at the end of the bed and placed her hand on my shoulders, and then her hands came up to my neck and soon her fingers were brushing along my jawline. 

"I need to," she said. "I need to know what it's like...what it's like with you." 

I exhaled, "You don't understand."

"That's why I--we need to do this, together." 

I was falling apart, she was in total control of me. "I can't control myself." 

"I can take it."

I shook my head, "No, I can't hurt you like that. You aren't some whore that wants to be given any kind of roughness possible. You are fragile--."

"You don't know my strength," she whispered. "Get the drug."

I wanted to say no, to push my body away from her but I couldn't. My mind was telling me one bad thing after another while my body begged to have her completely. My body won as I turned and went to the drawer which held the pill-format of the numb-induced drug. 

I pulled the plastic bag free, and brought it back to her. She took it and reached in it and took a white pill in between her thumb and index finger. 

She looked up at me, and I opened my mouth allowing her to put the pill on my tongue. I swallowed it dry, the powder still leaving its sickly taste behind. 

She held the bag out to me and I grabbed it, reaching for another pill. I finally got one and she opened her mouth, my fingers trembled as I placed it on her tongue. She swallowed and it was like I could see the pill escape down her throat. 

"Now kiss me," she said and I immediately dropped the bag and leaned forward. I pressed her lips to mine, pushing her down hard onto the bed. Her nails ran up and down my sides, but I soon escaped her soft lips and ran my tongue down her neck and onto her chest. Down towards her belly button and finally reaching her jean shorts. I forcefully undid the jeans button, and yanked harshly the denim off her legs. She groaned as the new area of skin was revealed to the air, as I tore the small fabric covering her hot center. 

"Harry--oh," she stopped mid sentence as I caught her off guard and plunged my tongue into her. Her hands tightened into the sheets, but I released her hands and brought them to my hair. 

I remembered what she confided in me before--her being a virgin. 

"Cricket, you're a virgin," I started, but she ignored me.

"Don't stop," her head fell back as her fingers tightened on my hair. I listened to her and placed my tongue back on her perfect lips. She pulled me towards her, tongue sliding deeper. The taste of her was sweet, delicious, and I never wanted the taste of her to leave my taste buds. 

Her climax was quickly approaching and the drug in both of our bodies was already blooming, making my vision hazy, but her touch on me kept me alert like electricity shocking my body. 

"Oh, shit," she was starting to tremble beneath me, and that's when I decided to stop. "I hate you." She pulled me up by hair, her eyes half hooded. "I want you to fuck me," she breathed and my fingers instantly went to the buttons of my jeans. 

The denim pushed down my legs, my hard erection stiff, but I lay back on my hands above her. She reached between us and took hold of my cock. My eyes closing at her touch. She pumped her hand as I kissed her neck down to her collarbone. 

I started to feel the true effects of the drug entering my bloodstream, absorbing me. I was losing it. I yanked both of her arms and shoved them above head. Pinning her wrists, I held onto her waist as I unexpectedly forced myself inside of her. She was beyond tight, she was immobile to move inside. 

I already started to move quickly, and Cricket's hands came free as she gripped my shoulders. 

"Harry...Harry, wait," she forced out, her voice dry, but I ignored her. 

I kept pushing myself in her, not realizing what I was actually doing. 

I could feeling her digging her nails into me harder, her pressure growing on me. 

"Stop," she said, until, "Stop!" She screamed, repeating the word until I finally stopped. I got a hold of myself, saw the tears in her eyes and the dried ones on her cheeks. 

I pulled out of her, her eyes closing as the pressure grew and then decreased as I exited her. I looked down at my stiff erection, but this time covered in blood. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me. I stood up and looked at her. 

"I--I told you this would happen," I said loudly.

Then I walked away, my eyes wet with tears. 

"What about the drug?" She was of course worried, unsure of how to handle the new medication put in her body. 

"Fall asleep," I said blankly before slamming the bedroom door shut and separating her and me. I was pissed. Pissed that she wouldn't listen to me, but more pissed that I took away the most precious thing a girl could own. 

Something she would never get back. 

"And I said no," I muttered to myself as I walked towards the guest rooms, get a shower and sleep off my own drug.

Sorry for the graphic-ness. This chapter took me all day to write, because I felt like it wasn't right and I still don't feel like it's perfect. Here's the end result and I swear this fanfic just keeps going down further and further into the ground. 

I do ask you, please like, favorite and comment. It would mean the world!

Much love, Morgan xx

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