Harry. Styles. Those two words make so many guys jealous because they know as they sleep with their girlfriends they are dreaming about having me fuck them. That's the way of my life. Everything. Is. About. Me. End of story. Period. Exclamation point. Done. I want the cameras back on me, and I know exactly how I'm gonna do it. I'm going to create the biggest scandal ever. It's the perfect time to do so, so get ready because this is going to be the summer to break rules, and fall in love? I never thought she would be entering the picture. This changes everything. Me plus her equals catastrophe divide that and you get two teenagers who perfectly in love and utterly Wild.
**+15 for mature content {language, sexual scenes, etc}** Continuation of the Meet Me In Battersea Park stories, exemplified as Harry's story.


9. I Spy

Harry's POV

Simon finally left my flat after hours of making sure I wasn't going to try to do anything else harmful to myself. 

Now I was sitting on the couch, the TV turned on as I sipped on the soup Cricket made for me. The door to my bedroom was wide open as it sat beside the TV. I let her stay in my room not wanting her to sleep on the other side of the flat in one of the guest rooms. 

Her luggage was scattered all over the floor, but I didn't care. I was too busy at watching her. She decided to get a shower and only then put a matching pair of panties and bra on. The black of the lace looked amazing on her olive skin and as she bent over to pick a shirt out of one of her suitcases I could feel a low moan rising in the back of my throat. This girl was seriously trying to kill me. 

Spying on a girl is of course something normal to me, but spying on her was a different experience. I wanted to run my tongue all over her body--oh, damn I need to stop this. 

I needed to stop her, and thankfully she found a tee shirt and pulled it over her head. The fabric was big on her and didn't fully cover her bum, until she turned and I saw my shirt. My shirt on her body. 

I exhaled and let my head fall back, "Um, C-Cricket?"

"Yeah?" She came to the door frame and leaned against it. 

"You wanna get out of here?" 

"Simon said we aren't allowed to go anywhere," she said her forehead creasing as she crossed her arms.

"What are we supposed to do then? I'm not used to staying home at night." 

"Hmm, we can play a game?" She offered. 

"Or you can tell me what happened to Louis," the other idea sprung into my mind and I realized that did really want to know her answer. 

"Oh," her face dropped. "Well," she walked forward and sat beside me on the couch. I turned off the TV with the remote and gave her my full attention. "I was in my room when I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was you, but Louis sounded surprised, like he didn't understand why this person was on his doorstep. I went to the top of the stairs and sat there, listening. Louis was arguing and I finally realized the voice and knew it was Simon. Simon was yelling at Louis saying that he knows better in how to treat girls. Everything was so fast, yelling, screaming until I saw Simon at the bottom of the stairs pushing Louis against the wall. Simon told him that he needed to be left alone in order to think what he has done to me, and the only place Louis could do that was the hospital," she closed her eyes before she continued.

"I've never seen Simon hit anyone, but when he hit Louis it was with so much force I knew he had broken his nose. Afterwards, with Louis on the ground he looked up at the stairs at me. He told me to get my luggage ready and that I would be leaving with him. The last thing Simon did before we left was show Louis some type of mercy and called an ambulance. We left after that. Harry, I've never been so scared, and then with you on the ledge--."

I pulled her close to me before she could continue. "I'm so sorry," I said into her ear. "I will never let you get hurt, do you understand me Cricket? I promise." 

"I know," she whispered, her eyes hooded as she looked into my eyes. "I know, Harry." 

I looked down from her eyes and stopped on her lips before I looked up again. I could feel her fingers climbing into my hair before she tugged me down, and let my lips touch hers. I placed my arms tightly around her as I pushed forward, making her lay on her back. 

I could feel her heart pounding through my tee shirt as I ran my fingers along her arm. Gracing my tips down to the edge of my shirt and up, colliding skin with skin as I touched her stomach. Along her belly button and then up until my hand was cupping her breast. 

She bit down on my bottom lip as I squeezed gently, a slight moan escaping past her teeth. Her sounds, her gentle cries of pleasure just made my entire body ache more for her. I wanted more, I wanted all of her. So as my fingers laced down her skin they stopped at the hem of her underwear. The black lace teasing my fingers. 

I continued my path down her thigh and I soon I could feel the warmth from in between her legs. I ran my fingers closer, and closer. So close I could start to feel her moist skin on my fingertips, but then a hand clamped down over my wrist.

Stopping me. 

I looked back up and saw her eyes. She shook her head, "No," breathing the word. 

If it was any other girl I would be frustrated and call her a tease, but Cricket was different. Our entire relationship, situation, whatever you call it was different. She was fragile, but I was also fragile. Together we were one thin sheet of ice ready to break. 

"I'm sorry," I said reluctantly. "I-I wasn't thinking." It wasn't all lies. 

I slid beside her on my side, closest to the back of the couch as she reach forward and twirled one of my curls on her finger. "I pushed it. Look at what I'm wearing. I have to remember I'm not sharing a house with my brother anymore." 

"I hope we can forget about what happened in the past weeks," I said the words quickly but instantly regretted them as I saw her face drop. The memories quickly developing in her mind. 

"O-Of co-course," she stuttered. "It's good to forget." 

"Cricket, I--." But I never got to tell her what I wanted to say because the door to my flat burst open. 

Now there are only five people in the world that have a key to my flat. We can subtract Louis because his key lay on my counter, Simon was at the record studio, Zayn was God knows where, Liam was on holiday in Greece, which leaves.

"NIALL!" I yell at him as I try to cover as much of Cricket from his view as possible. 

"Harry, we need to talk," he said, his Irish accent seemed to fade since his time in America.

"No, 'hello Harry, long time no see' anymore?" I raised my eyebrows. 

"Simon called me," he finished. "I heard what's been going on. Louis--."

"Harry!" Cricket no doubt felt my body tense as the feminine voice filled my flat. 

I swallowed, not wanting to greet the girl standing in the foyer of my flat. The familiar camera bag hung over her shoulder. Cricket noticed my hesitation and tried her hardest to be released by my grip. 

"Hello," she said bravely and I quickly stop up beside her. "I'm Cricket, and I'm sure Simon has told you about me." 

I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I most definitely wasn't expecting what just happened. "Hello, I'm Shiloh," Shiloh stepped around Niall and placed her hand out to Cricket. "I can only guess what you're feeling right now, but lets talk over an outfit change. What do you say?"

Shiloh grew up since I saw her last, her mothering techniques showing bright. Cricket agreed though and soon they walked into my bedroom, the same bedroom Shiloh and I spent hours. The same bedroom which was connected to the same bathroom where she wrote 'I love you' on the mirror in her lipstick before she left me forever. 

"Harry?" I broke away from my memories and looked at a questioning Niall. "We need to talk."

"Ugh, there' nothing to talk about," I said to him, walking towards my balcony and opening the door and stepping onto the hard concrete, leaning my elbows on the railing.

The average amount of girls stood against the gate and when Niall and I came into view their screams grew louder. 

"There's everything to talk about," he said next to me, also leaning his elbows on the railing. "Louis' in the hospital. Last time you put him there was a year ago--."

"I didn't put him anywhere," I said forcefully to him. "Simon did it. I just asked for Cricket to be away from him."

"Harry, I'm sure Louis didn't mean what he did to his sister. He was clearly upset--."

I cut him off again, "He should've hit me, not her. Who hits a girl?" I regretted my words.

"If I remember correctly, I was the girl you hit," said the familiar voice behind me.

I turned around seeing Cricket behind Shiloh, almost petrified. "Ugh Shi, please don't. It was a long time ago."

"But it still happened," she said quietly. "Harry I'm not saying it was entirely your fault, trust me you weren't in your right mind when you kidnapped me...."

I didn't hear what Shiloh said but only looked at the shock growing on Cricket's face.

"Cricket," I said as I watched her turn away. I walked around Shiloh and went after Cricket. "Cricket, wait." 

She headed for the front door and I watched her open it and enter the hallway. 

"Cricket, stop," I said as I took hold of her wrist, but her thumb was already over the elevator button. "Where are you going?"

She turned towards me, tears staining her skin. "Home."

"What? Listen, what happened with Shiloh was a long time ago. I've changed since then--."

"You've become a drug addict."

My words caught in my throat, but I finally released them from my lips. "I'm working on it."

"Almost dying on your floor is 'working on it'?" 

The elevator door opened and she shook my hand free of her wrist. She entered the elevator and one moment I was going to let her go, but I couldn't. I wouldn't. 

I stepped into the elevator after her. 

"Please," she stuttered through her sobs. I took her by her shoulders. "Please just let me go." 

"I can't," I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. 

"I don't won't what happened to Shiloh, happen to me."

"I can't promise you anything," she scoffed and her sobs grew harder. "But I can promise you that what happened between Shiloh and I was bound to happen. I was addicted to her and she gave herself to Niall. I couldn't give up on her, like I can't give up on you. So, please, don't make me let you go and disappear from my life. I don't know what I would do." 

I felt the elevator halting at the bottom but I pressed the emergency stop button and it abruptly stopped. 

"Why do I feel like I'm going to be disappointed or destroyed by the end of all of this?" She spoke through her tears.

"You are already both of those things, but there will be no end. We will both suffer in each other's presence and in the absence, loneliness that we create."

"How can you be so sure of this?" Her eyes squint in confusion, uncertainty. 

"You would have never came here," I started. "You've walked into willingly and there's no going back. You want to leave, I won't stop you, but you will come back." 

She stared into my eyes. "I don't believe you." 

Without saying anything I released the emergency button and let the doors open. She walked out, taking a glance behind her at me, before getting into a taxi outside the sliding glass doors. 

I watched her leave. I wanted to run after her, pull her from the taxi. 

I spy a rush of cold air to rush over me, before the warmth of her is returned to me. 

Until then I would wait. 

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