Harry. Styles. Those two words make so many guys jealous because they know as they sleep with their girlfriends they are dreaming about having me fuck them. That's the way of my life. Everything. Is. About. Me. End of story. Period. Exclamation point. Done. I want the cameras back on me, and I know exactly how I'm gonna do it. I'm going to create the biggest scandal ever. It's the perfect time to do so, so get ready because this is going to be the summer to break rules, and fall in love? I never thought she would be entering the picture. This changes everything. Me plus her equals catastrophe divide that and you get two teenagers who perfectly in love and utterly Wild.
**+15 for mature content {language, sexual scenes, etc}** Continuation of the Meet Me In Battersea Park stories, exemplified as Harry's story.


6. Her Inflicted Pain

Harry's POV

I woke before Cricket. I decided to spend the night in her room, hoping that Louis didn't walk in. I stood up from my makeshift bed on the floor which was mostly just my jumper from last night. I opened the door and glanced down the hallway and saw Louis' lights still off and the door closed. The house still seemed to be quiet, silent, still. I exhaled in relief as I turned back around and saw Cricket slowly stirring from her sleep. 

I closed the door, as she rubbed her eyes, then opening them fully. "H-Harry?" She questioned. "Mm," she stretched her arms above her head. "Last night...damn." 

I narrowed my eyes. "Yea."

She stood up on her knees on her bed and without knowing myself I was walking closer to her. Her fingertips touched my clothed chest. My eyes closing at her touch as I felt her tips move down further to the hem of my t-shirt. I was drowning, and there was going to be no way to the surface if I didn't stop her soon. 

But I couldn't--I didn't want her to stop. Therefore my shirt was pulled over my head and dropped to the floor. The cool breeze from her open window causing me to shiver as it brushed along my collarbone. Her fingertips immediately began to drag along the crevices and indentations of my chest, following the V until it vanished beneath my boxers that hung high and my jeans hanging low on my hips. 

She seemed so experienced, but I highly doubt she ever went beyond someone touching her. She was innocent, but her attitude proved differently. That's what she wanted people to see, she wanted people to notice her strong, mature side. Little did they know, she was just as inexperienced as the next virgin. 

I overlooked her bad ass attitude. I know bad ass girls and they didn't drag their fingers over my chest, memorizing my indentations. They pulled, tugged, and pushed me to reach that rough side that I have grown to know. I hated going there but sometimes I couldn't help it. Sometimes it just overcame me, and I was uncontrollable. Most of the time though it's caused by my drug addiction. The morphine that pumps through my blood causing the adrenaline to rush faster to keep up with my body. 

She has never seen this side of me. I didn't want her too. 

But she was pushing me. 

I soon felt her hands around my neck pulling my closer. She has pushed and pulled, all she has to do is tug. My eyelids moved up so I could just see the end of her nose. Then the sensation on my lips appeared as she brushed along mine. She was doing this all on her own. 

I was scared for my own reaction, but I knew I had to control whatever I was feeling. I was trying to control so hard that I didn't find myself falling forward. I pushed my arms out in front of me to touch her soft duvet. My fingertips crossing her strands of hair as her head hit the bed. Her arms still tightly around my neck. 

I was not expecting my morning to turn out like this. Not at all. 

I was unfocused, hazed until I felt her fingers tightened around my curls, tugging. Tugging. Oh fuck. I instantly started to run my hands up her sides as a groan escaped past my lips. MY fingertips reached underneath her shirt and skimmed across her smooth stomach, my mouth keeping contact with hers as her tips moved down my chest and looped with my boxers.

I knew what she wanted. She didn't know what she was getting herself into. I couldn't do this. I can't. 

Louis flashed through my mind. How could I hurt him? I hurt him in the past, but I could never hurt him by using his step-sister. It just wasn't right. It just wasn't--.

I was cut off from my thoughts as I heard the buckle on my belt becoming loose and dropping from my waist. Her fingers soon pulling on the button of my trousers, trying desperately to set me free. I wanted her. Damn, I wanted her, but I forced myself away.

"Crick," I muttered against her lips as my left hand reached down in between us and stopped on her wrist. I thought she would stop, but she saw it encouraging and continued to use her other hand, popping the button loose and pulling the zipper downwards. 

I let my lips release from hers as I leaned up, holding onto both of her wrists. 

"Stop," I said. 

She looked confused, but her lips quickly turned into a seductive smile, "I want you," she whispered. 

"No, the drugs want me," I muttered. I hated to say it, but it was true.

"D-Drugs?" Her eyes absorbing into mine. 

"You were drugged last night. At the beach," I spoke, but she just shook her head. "You don't remember?"

"No," her head lowered. "Oh fuck, Harry I'm so sorry. I thought--I thought we....What the hell's the matter with me?"

I lifted her chin with my index finger. "Nothing is wrong with you. You didn't realize, I'm just glad I got to you in time." 

Her forehead created creases, she was scared. Her mood changed so fast. One second she was tearing me from the inside out as she scanned my body and the next she was looking at me with the most frightened eyes. I finally realized that she always like this. She went out, probably got drugged, and she would never remember what happened the next morning.

It was sad. 

I wanted to cry. 

How could someone hurt this girl? I wanted--I needed--to protect her. She was quickly becoming my weakness as I was quickly becoming her savior. 

"I'm so sorry," she muttered as she tried to hide her face from me. 

"Don't hide yourself from me," I whispered. She has shown me her secrets and Louis was beyond helping or protecting her. "Let me help you."

"Who knew the one addicted to morphine could help a girl like me." 

What? She knew? "How did you--?"

"You can keep secrets, but you can't keep them from Louis," she let her head lay in the palm of my hand. "I know a lot about you."

I was a little frustrated, how could Louis just talk about me. "Oh," I replied. "Then I guess we are both messed up."

"Extremely," she muttered. "Completely bad for each other." 

Our eyes locked, a small smile appearing on her lips. We both knew that was the truth. We were terrible for each other. Never compatible. 

"Fuck it," was the last thing I said before I pulled her close to me and pressed my lips against her soft pretty ones. I wanted to taste more of her as my tongue brushed along her lower lip, asking for entrance. She granted my entrance and I kept her close as her arms circled my neck once more. 

I guess at the time, I wish I changed things a little differently. Like buttoning my pants, pulling my shirt back over my head or placing the belt back around my waist. Or maybe just leaving her bedroom when I had the chance. The reason being? 

I guess the scene just didn't look good...especially for Louis.

"What the fuck."

Cricket and I instantly broke apart, looking towards the intruder...the friend, the step-brother. 

"Harry?" He looked hurt. "Crick?"

"Lou--," I started. 

"Shut up. Just shut up," he tried to keep his voice flat, even, but it didn't work. "Leave."

"Louis, plea--." I tried again.

"Damn it Harry, just fucking leave!" He yelled. 

I stopped, and with worried eyes I picked up my belt and jumper and glanced back at Cricket before exiting. 

"She's perfectly fine," Louis said sternly. 

I looked towards Louis as I stood beside him, about to exit, but I let my true colors show. "You fucking hurt her," I started. "I'll kill you." 

He didn't look at me as he said emotionless, "Leave." 

I moved around Louis past the door frame and walked down the stairs. I pulled on my jumper, remembering that I forgot my shirt on the floor in Cricket's room. Forget it. 

I was just about to open the front door when my ears filled with yelling. Then a loud noise, sounding like someone fell to the floor. 

I changed my path and ran back up the stairs. I tried to open her door, but it was locked. I pressed my ear to the wooden door as I heard sobbing, skin hitting skin. I wanted to break the door down. 

"Louis you fucking bastard!" I screamed, pounding my fists to the door. "It's not her fucking fault!"

I kept slamming my fists to the door, but I received no comfort as the door didn't budge. The door was heavy, unwilling to fall at my pushing and punching. 

I hit the door once more, the sound of skin breaking still echoing from her room. I fell to the floor, unable to help. My knees hitting the floor as her whimpering, her crying rung in my ears. Tears started to stream down my eyes. This was never supposed to happen. 


I let my back fall against the wall as I brought my knees up to my chest. My bloody hands covering my face, as I sobbed with her. Sobbed with her pain, her inflicted pain. 

Soon the sounds from the other side of the door subsided, but the sounds stayed imprinted in my memory and replayed like a torture device. Unforgiving, making me endure the sounds...her sounds of complete terror and mercy. 

I was going to kill Louis. I meant what I said. 

I let my head hit the wall, waiting for my chance to attack. To make him endure the pain he just put her through. 

My fists tightened, my jaw clenched. 

Then the door opened. 

I'm sorry, but I'm too emotional to write a proper A/N. I was literally crying as I wrote this chapter. Please forgive my watermarks. I need to go cuddle with my Niall pillow. 

Please comment, like, and favorite for the sake of my emotional state. 

Much love and stay forever strong, Behati xx

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