Harry. Styles. Those two words make so many guys jealous because they know as they sleep with their girlfriends they are dreaming about having me fuck them. That's the way of my life. Everything. Is. About. Me. End of story. Period. Exclamation point. Done. I want the cameras back on me, and I know exactly how I'm gonna do it. I'm going to create the biggest scandal ever. It's the perfect time to do so, so get ready because this is going to be the summer to break rules, and fall in love? I never thought she would be entering the picture. This changes everything. Me plus her equals catastrophe divide that and you get two teenagers who perfectly in love and utterly Wild.
**+15 for mature content {language, sexual scenes, etc}** Continuation of the Meet Me In Battersea Park stories, exemplified as Harry's story.


11. Chopsticks

Harry was in the kitchen as I continued to lay in his bed. My body ached as I held myself trying to soothe the uncomfortable feeling. The curtains to the balcony in his room were slightly open and I could see London through the small crack. It was bright outside, a perfect summer day. 

I wanted to feel the summer sun hot on my skin, so I picked myself up, against the pain and reached for Harry's shirt that lay on the floor; crinkled and worn. I looked back on the white sheets and saw the red bloodstain. It disgusted me and the only way to get rid of it was to strip the bed, which is what I did. I pulled the sheets off and threw them into a corner, and then reached for my panties. It hurt just to bend over but I made do, finally pulling the fabric up my legs. 

I went over to the balcony and opened the curtains. The balcony doors were locked and I turned the small lock, releasing it. The doors opened and the rush of warm hit blew my hair back, exposing my neck. I went to the railing and leaned against it, against my partial nudity I didn't care about the girls below us screaming, trying to get my attention. No doubt they know who I am and no doubt they know I'm coming from Harry's bedroom, only one outcome made sense. 

I was waiting for the newspaper articles, the television gossip channels to start saying things about me. I could just see it now, 'Cricket, step-sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, fucking Harry Styles.' 

"Nice out today," said a voice beside me and I looked sideways. Harry was on the living room balcony, also leaning against the railing. 

"Yes," I said simply, unsure of what else to say, until I heard him exhale loudly. "Harry about last night--."

"I'm sorry," he said abruptly, but I'm the one who should be sorry. 

"No, I'm sorry," I said over him. "I'm the one who forced it. The sex, the drug everything. I just wanted to know what you got off morphine. I thought it would just make you numb."

"It does," he said almost silently. "Then you have something pushing you, and instead it makes you feel like you're on fire. Like you're running on nothing but energy. I'm so used to being pushed, so many other girls who've had the same encounter enjoy the roughness. You are different though, you were innocent, new to everything and I took that away from you."

"No, Harry, I took it away. I was the one who made the decision. Did I make a poor one? Of course, but don't blame yourself. I always make wrong decisions so don't take it personally."

"But I do!" His voice was growing louder. "I should be able to control myself, but I can't! I fucking can't, Cricket!" 

Tears were starting to form in my eyes. I wanted to help so damn badly, but I didn't even know if he wanted the help I could provide. 

"We'll try again?" I questioned him, but he scoffed. 

"No, I'm done trying," he said simply before walking back into the house, slamming the balcony door closed behind him. I folded my arms around me and let my head fall, as the tears came willingly down my cheeks. 


"Food's here!" Harry shouted through the wooden door of his bedroom. I still haven't left his room, but allowing the balcony doors to stay open was nice. The fresh air refilling my lungs, but now I brought my knees to my chest as Harry requested my presence at the kitchen table. I didn't want to leave his room, I wanted to stay here, but I knew he would come crashing through the door. 

Instead I locked the door, awhile ago, but I doubted he actually knew. Until the door knob shook back and forth. 

"Cricket!" He shouted, slamming his fist into the door. "Open the fucking door!" 

I shook my head, not caring that he couldn't see me. 

"For christ's sake," he groaned as I heard his footsteps walk away from the door. 

I thought he had gone away, left me alone, but of course I was wrong. The screams of the girls outside got louder for some reason and I looked out onto the balcony. The familiar pile of curls soon appeared in my vision as Harry jumped over the balcony and into his bedroom. 

"Do you honestly think you were the first to lock yourself in my room?" 

I just looked up at him, my knees still hugging my chest. 

"Come on," he reached down and held onto my elbows, but I let my fury out on him.

"Don't touch me!" 

He instantly removed his hands, licking his lips as he crouched down. "Don't do this to me."

"Do what? Treat you like a imbecile? Or treat you like you're treating me…like a child."

He exhaled, "You are a child."

"What?!" My fury grew inside of me. "I'm two years younger than you, not a millennium."

"Okay not you are talking out of proportion. I was just saying you haven't experienced the things I have, and you aren't ready too." 

"Really? The virgin thing might be true, but do you honestly think morphine was the first drug I've placed in my mouth? Or how many things do you think I've inhaled…or maybe you think I do heroin? Well to tell you the truth Harry I've done it all. More than yourself."

"How do you get your hands on those type of drugs?"

"Would you like me to put in a good word with my drug dealer?" I stood up, and he followed me. 

"You have a dealer?" 

"No, I make it in my basement," I said sarcastically. "Louis has a dealer come to the house once a month."

"Louis? Cricket, what is going on in that house?" 

I was taken aback. I found it confusing that I have been telling Harry most of what's actually going on. "You're blind to all of this, aren't you? Oh for fuck's sake, Harry, Louis abuses and hardcore too."

"What does he take?" 

"It changes on his mood," I said truthfully. "Last month it was LSD."

"He takes it when you're in the house?" 

"Where else would he? Harry, this is why you need to stop treating me like one of your twelve year old fans. There's things going on that even you don't know."

"Alright," he exhaled, running his fingers through his curls. "Now tell me this, and tell me the truth. Has Louis hit you before I came to stay?" 

I swallowed my eyes widening. My lips pursed and Harry crossed his arms and nodded. 

"That's enough explanation. I'll have his ass arrested." 

He walked towards the door and unlocked it before going towards the kitchen.

"Harry, stop!" I said after him and he turned slowly. "He's as confused as you are. He's addicted like you. He's beat me, like you have."

"I didn't--," his face was growing angry.

"You make that call, I tell the police you raped me last night."

He closed his eyes for a second before reopening, showing me his green eyes, "Why are you protecting him?"

"For the same reason you're protecting me. I love him." 

"This is ridiculous."

"So is everything else I do," I said. 

"I'm going to talk to him about this," he said leaning against the counter. 

"Fine, but I'm going with you."


"Yes," I said over him. "Now what's for dinner?" I changed the subject fast and he breathed in deeply. 


"Awesome," I breathed as I walked closer to the kitchen and took a paper box. Reaching for the wooden chopsticks in their paper covering. "I love Chinese." 

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