The death of me

This is a book that i have just come up with and am writing on the spot! writing means alot to me so pleas eleave a comment even if it is negative! TO those who have read looking for alaska by John Green, you will noticed that i used this technique.


2. 100 days before.

I walked downstairs into my living room, with a fake smile plastered across my face. My parents stood beaming before me, surrounded by packed suitcases. My dad is a middle aged man, who works for a computer company. My mum seems to prefer having a job for a year before bouncing off to a completely different one. She's middle aged too. We have to move to England, because of my dads new promotion. It means leaving my friends, and family, and I need to go to a new school, but I don't really fit in with normal people. While other sixteen year old girls are dressed in new stylish clothes, and skirts that look like belts, you will see me strolling through in my jeans and t-shirts and trainers with un-brushed hair. I don't care what people think of me, quite frankly i'm not going to dress up as somebody i'm not to have fake friends. Still, I don't want to leave. I grew up here. My parents didn't exactly give me much choice though...

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