The Day Our Dreams Came True

Summary: This is a story about me and my two best friends and the day our dreams came true. In the beginning everything starts out fine until Emily finds out not only one but two of the boys are in love with her! Then next was Morgan she was stuck with a hard decision of choosing to stay with her current boyfriend Justin Bieber or pick to be with one of the boys. Also Mykela is having a secret relationship with one of the boys that already have a girlfriend. If you want to know more your going to have to continue readying!!!


1. Flashback

It all started two summers ago, I was 14 almost 15 and my two best friends Morgan and Mykela were 14 and Morgan’s sister Alex would tag along with along with us every once in a while. We were all headed over to the mall just to hang out and do a scavenger hunt because it was Morgan’s and Alex’s last day in Florida. It’s been almost a year now since Morgan moved back to Pennsylvania and we talk to each other every day on Skype and ooVoo to stay in touch and let each other in on the latest drama. So back to what I was talking about we were all in the car on our way to the mall and her sister screams put on ONE DIRECTION!!!! Of course they put it on and start singing along and at that time I didn’t really know anything about the band so I was the odd ball in the back just sitting there looking stupid not knowing any of the lyrics. Alex turns around and starts freaking out on me saying why aren’t you singing along you noob!!! Oh by the way, I’m Emily and I’ve lived in Florida my entire life. But back to my story after that whole scene in the car, when we got to the mall Alex went to the nearest store looking for One Direction’s cd and of course with my luck every store we went into they were sold out so I wasn’t that upset cause I’ve heard one of their songs before and I didn’t think they were that big of a deal but Hey I never knew that in the next few months I would become the biggest fan ever!

Its been two months now since Morgan and Alex left to go back home and my birthday had passed about two weeks ago and when I opened my gift from Morgan that I got in the mail im not going to lie I was a tad bit excited when I saw it was the 1D cd. A week later I knew every song on that cd and the boys were the only thing that was occupying my mind for months.

It was around Christmas time and the Up All Night concert tickets were about to go on sale and I was so excited that I called my friends screaming and crying that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get any good seats and of course soon as they went on sale BOOM! The site crashed and I just sat there and cried for hours and hours. My friends kept trying to call me to get ahold of me but I was too depressed to even answer my phone and I refused to go to school or eat or even come out of my bedroom besides to pee. So finally two days later Mykela shows up at my door with an envelope and I wasn’t really interested in what she was going to say but I sucked it up and let her in anyways.

YO B**CH!!! Why haven’t you been answering your god damn phone?!?!!??! Ive been trying to get ahold of you all week and I have important news!

Mykela then chucks the envelope at me and tells me to open it and of course I do and let’s just say I start balling my eyes out. I then pulled out three concert and VIP passes I then ran over to my best friend hugged her and screamed HOW DID YOU GET THESE FRICKEN THINGS THEY WERE SOLD OUT!!!

Boyyy, I would’ve never expected that my life would change from that day forward.

We were now at a glimpse of the table where the boys were doing their meet and greet with the fans and from where we were standing we could just make out the shapes of the 5 boys.

“Im so excited like you have no idea!!!” said Mykela.

“Your excited? PSHTT! Im over here shaking cause im so nervous!! What if they don’t like me? Like what if they think im just another crazed fan?

“They are going to love you I PROMISE and once they read that cheeky letter you wrote them and they see how fit we are there’s no doubt they will be able to keep their hands off of you or any of us for that matter. Said Morgan.

(20 minutes later)
Im now walking up to the table and just as I expected they didn’t even look up at Morgan, Mykela, or me until I finally spoke up.
“Is there anyway me and my friends could get a picture with you guys?”

“Yeah” they all said in unison.

Just to my luck Niall was the first one to look up and then Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam followed and just like Morgan said they were speechless when they saw us!
After a few seconds Zayn spoke up and asked if what our names were.

“HAII! Im Mykela and this is Emily and the one on the end is Morgan”

“Well nice to meet you im Liam and that’s Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall”

“Dude their not stupid they know our names” said Harry.

“So do you guys each want a picture with us one at a time or just one group pic?” asked Niall.
“I say we do separate and I call taking a pic with Mykela first!!!!!” said Louis
And of course Mykelas already blushing and Zayn then shouts “I call Emily!!” and I look over to see Niall look a little upset but of course me being the ditz of the group just ignored it. Harry then shouts “I call Morgan”!!!!!

So Im taking my picture with Zayn and he put his arm around me and right before the flash went off he leant down and kissed my cheek! So in the picture I looked like a fool for turning bright red and blushing. Next, it was my turn to take a picture with Niall and of course im already babbling like a fool and outta nowhere he picks me up bridal style for the picture and I look over to see the girls laughing along with all of the boys besides Zayn and well Zayn he didn’t look too happy about what Niall just did.
(5 minutes later)
We all just finished taking our final pictures with the boys and said our good byes and start to walk off when I realized I forgot to give them the letters I wrote to each of them! So I ran back over just in time and screamed wait and all the boys turned and looked at me and of course a group of girls that were waiting to get there pics taken were rolling there eyes and laughing but I didn’t care what they did or said cause I don’t let anyone get to my head.
“I forgot to give you guys the letters I wrote you”.
Liam then jumps up and says “thank god you came back I don’t think Niall could take it if he never saw you again” and I started dying laughing and handed him he letters and said “I hope ill be lucky enough to meet you guys in the future” and I then walked away and the next thing I know Mykela walks over and grabbed Louis’ face and kissed him!! She then screamed “I REGRET NOTHING” and ran away.
And with that me and the girls walked off I search of my car and didn’t look back.
It was already going on 10:30 and we weren’t even half way home yet and I think we might even be lost because Mykela said she knew a short cut which involved using a back road that looked pretty deserted.
Out of know where I heard this loud boom and the car shut off and I looked down at the dash and see the gas level on E and with just my luck there wasn’t a gas station around for miles. So we all got out and decided to sit by the car and wait for the next car to pass by so we could ask them if we could get a lift cause we had no service on our phones.
Im not sure how long it even was before a car pulled up and its windows were tinted black so you couldn’t see in. A man then stepped out of the driver side and asked if everything was okay and I then told him about what happened with the car. I could tell he felt bad but he told us that his car was already packed with five other boys then out of nowhere the door swung open with a thud and who would’ve guessed the one and only One Direction jumped out.
They then say to the man come on Paul they don’t have a ride and they have nowhere to go, let’s just give them a lift to the hotel and they could call a cab or something from there! Paul then agreed and we were off.
The seating situation in the car was really awkward I was laying the top half of my body across Niall and my legs sprawled across Zayn in the first row of seats. In the row behind me sat Louis and Liam with Mykela laid out across them both and in the row behind her was just Harry and Morgan and by the looks of it they were already hitting it off well.
Louis decided to break the awkward silence and say “WOW Mykela that was quite a kiss!” Myklea then says “like Emily dared me to do it”!
“I didnt dare you to do crap honey that was all on your own”!
“Pshtt Emily SHUT UP YOU’RE A GINGER!” Mykela said.
“Way to state the obv my red hair didn’t already give it away or anything.”
“I know your retarted Emily, so I thought id remind you out of the kindess of my heart”!
“SHUTUP YOU C-U-NEXT-TUESDAY!!” the boys then all say what?!?!!??!??!?!. And of course Morgan is in the back nearly peeing herself like always.
We just arrived at the hotel and all of the boys invited us up to watch a movie and of course Mykela yells YESHHHHH MOVIE NIGHT B**CHES!!!

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