A Miracle

Layla Henderson is just a normal girl. Lives on a normal street, living a normal life. Until she realizes that Liam Payne lives on her road, in fact right next to her house. Better still, Harry visits Liam often- does this mean romance for Layla?


7. Tea and Cake

Liam put on the kettle, and sat down one of the many stools which lined a marble counter. He beckoned for me to come sit with him, so i sat down next to him. "So. How did you and Harry meet?" Said Liam, looking at the floor. "He was just walking down the road, and you know, so was i. I stopped and asked him for his autograph, and hey, here i am!?" I bit my nails. "You really think he likes me? For real?" I whispered to Liam, hoping and hoping the answer would be -Yes Layla- he sighed and looked at me, sadly. I felt like crying my heart out, but his mouth broke in to a broad smile. "Of course he does!" It was only then i saw Harry, standing there, leaning against the door frame with that huge dimpled smile that i knew it must be true. I pretended that i didn't see him and carried on talking.
Liam swiveled around on his stool and went over to a cupboard and pulled out some cupcakes. I literally started to dribble at the sight of them. "You cook?" I said, my eyes fixed onto the delicious looking cupcakes. "Yup. Do they look good, or what?" Liam exclaimed with a smirk on his face. "Hmmm, i'll have to taste one first!" I said, eagerly grabbing a sweet pink iced one. "They never said in any interviews that you cooked!!" I mumbled between mouthfuls. Liam laughed, and looked me straight in the eye. "Here is one thing you must know. We don't pour our heart and souls into those interviews, and its never the whole truth. Nobody can write an article on you unless they've met you. Right?" I nodded, and tried to smile but crumbs tumbled from my mouth.


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