A Miracle

Layla Henderson is just a normal girl. Lives on a normal street, living a normal life. Until she realizes that Liam Payne lives on her road, in fact right next to her house. Better still, Harry visits Liam often- does this mean romance for Layla?


6. So II'll Be Tagging Along

"A girl like you, living next door and i didn't even notice??" Said Liam, doing a classic face palm. "Well guys, she's my new friend!" Harry shouted, smiling and putting his arm around my shoulders. "Does that mean...she gets to come everywhere with us??" Said Zayn, eyes widening. "Even to nandos??" Niall said in his strong Irish accent, everyone laughed. "I guess i'll be tagging along then." I smiled. Suddenly there was a crash from the kitchen. "Lou?" Said Harry, sitting up immediately. "I'm fine i'm fine CALM DOWN HAZ" Mumbled Lou, bringing in a HUGE bowl of popcorn. "Does this mean....TOY STORY?" Liam said, his head turning from the Plasma TV and back. We all sighed. "Guess so!" Said Harry and Zayn, perfectly in sync. 

I must have fallen asleep sometime in between Toy Stories 1 and 2, because when i woke my head was resting on Harry's shoulder. I got up quickly, ready to leave, but i realized Liam was still awake. "Hey, Layla...where are you going in such a hurry?" Liam said, sitting up and shaking popcorn from his lap. "Home, i'm sure your busy." I smiled, and started to walk from the room. "Layla! Don't leave! I've got plenty of room, you could always stay the night. Harry would be sooooo dissapointed if he woke and saw you had gone," He winked. "I think he likes you. C'mon, i'll make some tea."

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