A Miracle

Layla Henderson is just a normal girl. Lives on a normal street, living a normal life. Until she realizes that Liam Payne lives on her road, in fact right next to her house. Better still, Harry visits Liam often- does this mean romance for Layla?


4. Liam's Place

Laylas POV

*Sorry about the constant changes of font, it keeps messing up :(*

We arrived at Liam's place within 10 minutes, it felt so weird walking past my house and walking into the one next to it. Harry rang the bell, he had been here before many times. I cannot believe that he had obviously walked down my road hundreds of times and i had never even seen. It was absolutely mind blowing thinking HARRY STYLES was holding my hand, i was walking into Liam Paynes house, he lived on my road...it was so much to take in. but i was more interested in why Harry hadn't dropped me off at my house. Maybe he wanted to introduce me to the guys. "Harry, why didn't you-" But before i had a chance to say anything the door was open and there stood Louis Tomilson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. Wow.

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