A Miracle

Layla Henderson is just a normal girl. Lives on a normal street, living a normal life. Until she realizes that Liam Payne lives on her road, in fact right next to her house. Better still, Harry visits Liam often- does this mean romance for Layla?


2. Autographs

I started to run towards Harry, and finally reached him. I fumbled around inside my bag, looking for a pen or paper or something..

"Love, do you need some help?" A hypnotizing voice said. I looked up, obviously it was Harry, i mean who else would it be? But i was still taken aback that Harry Styles had just spoken to me. "Yeah, um, thanks." I said, smiling at Harry. I mean, how could you not? He was just perfect...everything about him was so entrancing, the way his eyes got deeper the deeper you looked. "I've got some paper, if you need it." He said, sticking his big hand out towards me, some paper carefully balanced in his palm. I took the paper, my hand staying in his a little longer then needed, but he didn't seem to mind. He just, smiled.

"I think i have a pen in here somewhere," I said, awkwardly moving over sanitary towels and makeup.

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