A Miracle

Layla Henderson is just a normal girl. Lives on a normal street, living a normal life. Until she realizes that Liam Payne lives on her road, in fact right next to her house. Better still, Harry visits Liam often- does this mean romance for Layla?


1. A Suprise

As i a walked slowly from the bus stop, i heard footsteps behind me. They got louder, louder, closer, closer. I heard a scream. It came from directly behind me. Horrible thoughts ran through my mind; murder, kidnapping,  stalk. I slowly turned around, my heart in my mouth. I sighed deeply.

Thank god-it was a girl. Standing upright, alive. I walked over to her, about to scream at her for giving me such a shock when i saw him. Harry Styles. The boy who haunted every girls dreams. I nearly screamed myself when i saw him, you know- curls and all. "Is that...Harry Styles?" I whispered in shock. 

Harry P.O.V

I was simply walking to Liam's place, it wasn't far from mine. When i saw a girl, staring at me. I started to wonder, hey, stop staring. But then i remembered that i was Harry Styles, member of One Direction. It got some taking used to, being famous and everything. I smiled, she screamed-making the girl in front of her turn around slowly. She was stunning in every way. Beautiful deep hazel eyes, waist length wavy brunette hair; i couldn't help but stare. While i was busy staring at "Angel Girl" i realized the girl next to me was hopelessly waving a pen and paper in my face.

"Oh, i'm sorry. Autograph?" I said, grinning. "Can you please write, To Madison? I mean, if that okay.." Madison said, obviously hyped up.

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