This is a poem about British Birds that I entered into an RSPB Competition. It didn't win but I still think it is a great poem. :) After reading can people please let me know what they think of the poem. Give me confidence to write more poems, let me know how good it is or what I should of done to improve it. Hope you like it, I worked very hard on it.
I spent nearly 4 hours on this, the time just flew by. I must admit this is out of all my poems, probably the best. But then again that may be because I like birds.
I was on the internet and looking through my many bird books to find different types of bird to use in my poem. It is quite a long poem with three big paragraphs.
The thing with me is I take competition too seriously. :D


2. Water Birds

Just beyond the garden hedge, where lies the waters edge. You will find a great many water birds. The fresh water flows noisily into a huge lake. So take a look and you shall see a few birds on the water. Go on try your luck. May you may spot a few types of duck. So come on Teal, spin my wheel! A Mallard floats silently past as a Buzzard up high began to cast a shadow over the water. As the water ripples I spot a Shelduck standing high as a Gadwall begins to fly. A Shoveler you may also describe as a Groveler slips into the reeds as it feeds. I saw a Mandarin as my binoculars panned her in. Some Canada Geese plummet down on the water with a splash and a flash. I see a Greylag Goose wandering by with her guy. I see a Water Rail scuttering along the ground. Desperately trying to not make a sound. But little does he know he's already been found. A Mute Swan paddles past until it is gone in the distance.

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