This is a poem about British Birds that I entered into an RSPB Competition. It didn't win but I still think it is a great poem. :) After reading can people please let me know what they think of the poem. Give me confidence to write more poems, let me know how good it is or what I should of done to improve it. Hope you like it, I worked very hard on it.
I spent nearly 4 hours on this, the time just flew by. I must admit this is out of all my poems, probably the best. But then again that may be because I like birds.
I was on the internet and looking through my many bird books to find different types of bird to use in my poem. It is quite a long poem with three big paragraphs.
The thing with me is I take competition too seriously. :D


3. Creature Of The Night

It begins to get dark as the sun falls behind the distant hill. There's a chill in the air as the moon rises up high in the darkening sky. A distant cry is heard as a Sparrowhawk flies to a nearby tree to rest for the night. Now if your still awake it is time to look out for owls. I hear the distant hooting of the creature of the night. A nocturnal predator ready for a fight. Tawny Owls cry out to one another in order to dominate there territory. Hunting for a tiny mouse. Then swooping down startling a Grouse. A Barn Owl glides out of my shed as the field mice fled for there life. That owls talons are as sharp as a knife and it attacks with strife. You won't see it coming. It looks so stunning in flight. A Long-eared Owl and a Short-eared Owl look similar slightly in markings. But there is a huge difference. The first has tufts like ears above it's head. It has been said that the other has no tuft at all. Now a small owl comes into sight. He has just finished his hunting flight. He is a Little Owl. Small by name, small by nature. Now enough on owls it's time for bed. You been bird watching all day. I'd love to stay but it's getting late. So seriously mate go to bed. Morning will be here soon enough and you can start over and sit in the clover. For watching birds is just magical and there so habitable. I can truly say that the bird is the word.

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