This is a poem about British Birds that I entered into an RSPB Competition. It didn't win but I still think it is a great poem. :) After reading can people please let me know what they think of the poem. Give me confidence to write more poems, let me know how good it is or what I should of done to improve it. Hope you like it, I worked very hard on it.
I spent nearly 4 hours on this, the time just flew by. I must admit this is out of all my poems, probably the best. But then again that may be because I like birds.
I was on the internet and looking through my many bird books to find different types of bird to use in my poem. It is quite a long poem with three big paragraphs.
The thing with me is I take competition too seriously. :D


1. In The Garden

Birds are such joyful creatures, so graceful in flight. There feathers sparking bright, colours so light. They might just flutter there way across the ray of sunshine into your garden. Boy some people may even say that the bird is the word. At the bottom of your garden, way up in the old oak tree, there will be a bird or two. Maybe even something new. So get your binoculars out and hunt with me. Go down in your garden and we shall see. A sound in the air, a soft sweet melody. All singing together, no matter the weather. They sing with a whistle, tweet, hoot, and chirp. The many sounds these birds do make, so take a look, you may spot a rook. All black and glossy blue, you know just what to do. There are many songbirds out today, so let me hear you scream hip-hip-hooray! Oh but not to loud, don't make a sound, a blackbird has just landed upon the ground. Up high in a tree you shall see a Cuckoo chick knocking eggs out of an old Carrion Crows nest, putting it's strength to the test. Rolling an egg splat on the floor and down tumbles just one more. It drops down to the floor beside a startled Magpie. One for sorrow, don't forget to salute. As it flies off, probably to steal your loot. Soon it returns along with another, possibly even his brother. Well that's two for joy. Down flutters a small bird all coy and shy. Now I won't tell a lie but I think that's a Robin. I can tell by the red chest. These birds are the best! Staying in the winter to keep a smile on our faces. All different races of bird are here today. The colours of the rainbow that glow over the blue sky. Talking of skies I see a Skylark soar. It's speed and grace, as it joins in the chase. The fight for a worm as a Tree Pipit, as swift as a whippet swoops down from the tree. It grabs the worm and flies quickly away to the Skylarks dismay. An old Great Spotted Woodpecker clings tightly to the tree trunk, pecking at a constant beat. I wonder who else we might meet. A wood pidgeon has flown in from town. A gown of purple around it's chest. Almost like it wears a vest. You hear a scutter as a quail scurry's across the leaves. This quail such a pail brown. I have seen him all around. I spot a Jay! Yet again
Hip-Hip-Hooray! Oh what a fun day! Oh but there's so much more. I wonder what next we can score. Oh look! There's four Swallows swooping low. But soon enough off they go. I see a Nightingale. It's possibly a male. Oh and a Yellow Wagtail! What's that I hear? A Songthrush singing a peaceful tune that ends to soon. A Redstart with a gleaming white forehead floats on the wind like a leaf in a breeze. Oh what a tease! If I could fly, I'd go up high to see a Goldfinch in flight. I noticed a Whinchat. You heard of that? I saw a Goldcrest beside a Firecrest and laughing as they looked like someone had tapped them on the head with a paintbrush. The Goldcrest with it's fleck of Yellow, and the Firecrest with it's fleck of Red. On the top of there crown. There both coloured brown. A Linnet swoops around the branches of a fallen tree. Patches of blood red on it's crown and chest. This bird is definitely better than the rest.

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