Hostage - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

A simple trip to the bank.
That's all it was.
That's all I thought it was going to be.
Until I was held hostage.
With Louis Tomlinson.
Valeria Alden started out her boring day by doing something completely normal.
Going to the bank.
She never expected for a robbery to occur while she was getting some money. She never expected Louis Tomlinson to walk in during it. And she never expected to be held hostage with him.
When you're tied to a chair with one person for a whole day and locked in a dark room with them for a whole week, you get to know each-other.
She just never thought her life would change so much...


3. "We're locked in a closet for god's sake!"

Thanks so much for the support you guys have given me so far! I really appreciate it and I hope you'll enjoy the rest if the story.

I have a lot of plans for this books and I can't wait to really get into it.

Well, here's the chapter! :)


Chapter 2

"We're locked in a closet for god's sake!"

I had thought it was all a nightmare. Nothing more than a bad dream that I would wake up from. It wasn't. It was far from it in fact.

The moment I opened my eyes I realised that.

My mouth was still gagged, probably using the same rag that was covered in chloroform before I was knocked out. My hands and feet were tied to a small wooden chair that I was sitting on and the room was very darkly lit. From the bits I could make out, I noticed we were in a storage unit. Basically the room where the janitor keeps his supplies. It was barely the size of a cardboard box, the flickering light bulb barely keeping it bright.

I tried moving my hands a tiny bit and I felt something warm brush against it. My breath hitched and my body froze. Next came a moan and finally there was movement from behind me. I turned my head and saw that there was actually someone tied to another chair.

"Hey!" I whispered rather harshly to the person behind me. I didn't want to be too loud in case whoever was keeping us here heard me. My breathing was becoming more and more uneven and my heart was beating a mile a minute. There was more movement and yet another moan before the stranger spoke up.

"Huh?" He sounded more than confused as I felt him try to move his hands. He struggled for a moment and then stopped. I was hoping he wouldn't start panicking and draw attention to us but of course that wasn't going to happen. "W-where are we?!"

"Ssh!" I tried my best to quieten him down, kicking my two feet against the other chair. "They'll hear you!"

"Who?" His voice was much more of a whisper then and he seemed to have calmed down but I could tell he was still scared just as much as I was. I didn't know anything either.

"I don't know. Whoever's tied us up!" I snapped without even realising and immediately regretted it. "Sorry."

"No worries," I only then realised that the boy behind me had a very strong British accent. I furrowed my eyebrows together and then decided to ask who he was.

"What's your name?" I asked, still staying as quiet as possible. I certainly didn't want anymore company. I looked around the small cabinet-like room once again. How long were we going to be in here?

"Louis," the boy replied and I nodded acknowledging him. "And you?"

"Valeria," I answered him quickly and continued my train of thought. Louis. British. "Wait a minute, what's your last name?"

"Tom-" the boy paused almost hesitantly and then spoke again, "Thomas. Louis Thomas."

"Bullshit," I replied bluntly. I knew he was lying and of course why wouldn't he?

"What?" Louis shot back almost shocked by my outburst.

I strained my neck as I turned my head to look at him. "Oh my god I knew it! Of course you're Louis Tomlinson!" I didn't even realise it but I had practically shouted my head off and before I knew it, we had company.

"Aah! Our guests have awoken!" I slowly turned back around to see a large, extremely strong built man standing in the doorway. He was wearing a black t-shirt that was much too small for him, showing off his tattooed and hairy arms. His face was hidden beneath a ski mask which only scared me more of his appearance and I didn't have to be a genius to notice that he had a handgun in the pocket of his jeans.

I felt Louis tense up behind me and I felt physically sick at the sight of him.

"W-what do you want from us?" My voice was barely heard and came out as shaky as a leaf. I had never felt so terrified in my life and I was usually pretty brave.

"Isn't it obvious?" Our kidnapper spoke smoothly as he strolled closer and closer towards me. When he did, he bent down to my height, the smell of his intoxicated breath hit my nose within an instant, stroking my jawline he let a long sigh.

I felt the urge to just spit right in his face but I knew that wouldn't end well whatsoever. "Would I ask you if I knew?" I shot back, growing extremely irritated with that man already.

"Ooh! A smart ass we've got here!" The man rose back to his feet again and reached into his pocket. My heart stopped as I thought he was going to pull out the gun. Instead he pulled out something nearly as bad. "Well that just won't do. Looks like you two will be here for a while a which means some discipline has to be learned," he pulled a pocket knife from its protective sleeve. I swear I couldn't breathe.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Louis spoke up from behind me and I quickly tried to quieten him down again.

"Oh shut it pretty boy!" Before he even finished what he was saying, he pulled my left arm roughly from the rope behind my back and sliced the knife across it. Not deep enough to cause much damage but at that moment the pain was unbearable. I held in the scream I so desperately wanted to let out as I looked down at my bare arm. I wouldn't dare give that bastard the satisfaction. "Well that should do it for now. I'll be back to check on you two later," he headed towards the door and then stopped. "Oh and don't even try to escape. This whole place is packed with a whole lotta people like me. I suggest you don't move from those chairs."

I sat there in complete shock, not even able to register exactly what had happened in my mind. The blood had drained from my face and I couldn't even out pressure on the gash on my arm. From what I could see, not too much blood was escaping and from what I had learned from school, I would hopefully be ok. For now...

"Are you alright?" Louis whispered from behind me and I simply nodded. I couldn't even speak. Hot, salty tears spread down my cheeks but I tried not to make any noise. I really didn't want sympathy from a pop star. "Are you sure?"

"No," I gave up and let the tears fall even harder. "What even just happened?" I sniffled and continued to cry but tried to speak as clearly as possible. I shook my head in disbelief. He didn't even give us any information!

"I don't know, I'm just so sorry he did that to you. Does it hurt?" His voice was gentle and soft. Probably the one thing I needed at that moment.

"It's fine," I lied. I had never been good with blood or any of that sort of stuff really. When I was younger I would faint at the sight of it. "Look I'm sorry. If I didn't shout at you he never would have came in here," I apologised quickly, wanting to get it over with.

"It's ok, you have the right to be angry. We're locked in a closet for god's sake and there's a bloody maniac keeping us in here!" He exclaimed, rattling the chair violently and shaking us both at the same time.

"Stop! Maybe I can get us out of here," I wondered to myself as I thought of my satchel. I looked around the room and saw it was five or six feet from where I was sitting. "I could probably reach that," I mumbled to myself as I kept my left arm out of reach of aching that could hurt it further.

"What're you muttering about?" Louis asked sounding agitated from behind my back.

"Ssh! I'm concentrating!" I stuck my tongue out as I stretched my legs (that were still tied together) out as far as possible. I felt as thought the bone was about to pop out of it's socket and still I couldn't reach the fabric. "I.. Can't.. Reach.. It!"

"Of course you can't! It's like double the length if your entire body!" I strained my neck once again to give the boy I'd known literally ten minutes a death glare.

"Are you calling me short?" I glared harder.

"You know any normal person that just got stabbed by a WWE wrestler would be crying but no not the maniac I got stuck with!" Louis exclaimed to himself and I reached my hand that was still tied up to his and pinched it as hard as possible. "Hey!"

"That's for being insensitive! Now help me get my bag!" I ordered and pointed with my foot towards the bag.

"Look we can just try and move the chair closer to it. On the count if three, jump forward and ill jump backwards," I listened to what he was saying and on count we managed to flip the whole chair and us on our side. Great.

"Well would you look how that turned out Mr Helpful!" I groaned in frustration and pain as the two of us lay still on our side.

"Ssh! He'll hear us, now shut up and let me think!" I could tell I was seriously annoying the boy I'd just met but I was the one with a massive slit down my arm!

"Oh 'cause the last time that turned out so well didn't it! What the hell did that psycho tie us up with?" I asked, restlessly as I struggled to pull my hand out and failed.

"You're moms pubes."

"Wow. I think you've just gone down even more on how much I dislike you. You were at minus two and you've managed to reach the amazingly low minus fourteen. Happy?" I rolled my eyes at how immature a pop star could be.

"What, you think I like being stuck in this room with a sarcastic random girl who needs anger management?" I didn't bother to answer and instead we both let out a long sigh.

We lay in silence for a couple of seconds. "Look, we should probably try to get along. I mean who knows how long we're gonna be stuck in here for?"

"You're probably right. I'm sorry," Louis apologised.

"I'm sorry too," at that moment my stomach grumbled loud enough that you would think ever elephant in Africa had just had a panic attack.

"Woah! What the hell was that?" Louis asked sounding alarmed and alert. I held in my laughter at his comment and replied.

"What? I'm hungry. How long have we been in here anyway?"

At that moment, a loud bang in the right hand side of the room caused us both to nearly shit ourselves. "Shut the fuck up!" Obviously another one of our kidnappers was sitting in the next room and was clearly growing impatient with us.

"Sorry..." Louis mumbled and we both burst into laughter.

"Well isn't this just fantastic," I commented sarcastically as I looked around the room.

"What you mean the fact that we're being held hostage by a guy who could make his own mother cry or that we're tied to a chair, you're arm has been sliced open and we're not allowed talk?" Louis spoke the sentence all in one breath and sounded as though he was about to faint when he'd finished.

"I'm gonna go with both."


Sorry it's so short! I've decided I'm not gonna be writing very long chapters in the book but updates will be twice a week. I hope that's ok and that you'll enjoy the story anyway!

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