Hostage - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

A simple trip to the bank.
That's all it was.
That's all I thought it was going to be.
Until I was held hostage.
With Louis Tomlinson.
Valeria Alden started out her boring day by doing something completely normal.
Going to the bank.
She never expected for a robbery to occur while she was getting some money. She never expected Louis Tomlinson to walk in during it. And she never expected to be held hostage with him.
When you're tied to a chair with one person for a whole day and locked in a dark room with them for a whole week, you get to know each-other.
She just never thought her life would change so much...




 I just wanted to tell you that after a lot of thought I've decided that I will continue writing BUT not on this website. I'm moving permanently to Tumblr and Archive Of Our Own (a fanfiction website). I won't be deleting this Movella but I will not be updating on here anymore. Everything from this page will be moved to both of those websites and will be continued on there. Thanks so much to everyone that has supported me and I really hope you'll continue to support me there. You don't need an account to read my fanfics on Tumblr or Archive Of Our Own but it would be better if you made one so you could give me feedback. My Tumblr is  and I will be giving out my other account for Archive Of Our Own when I have it fully set up.So just follow me on Tumblr and I will start to upload all existing chapters and write new chapters to my fanfics! I love you all.
-Kenya xx
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