You can't always get what you want, or can you?

Maja is an 18 years old girl who always have had a perfectly safe life, but what happens when a cetrain curly haired boy called Harry styles comes into her life and makes Maja experience things she never thought she would.

A story about dangerous love, passion and heartache.


2. visit at work.


Harry’s POV.
* She looked so peaceful, asleep, faraway into her dreams. Her bronze colored hair was floating around her making her look so small, her pink plumb lips looked so kissable, and I wanted to kiss them again, to feel her, hold her and make her feel safe. I brushed away a few strands of hair from her beautiful face, I was so lost in her beauty I didn’t even realize she was a wake, the second I saw her eyes was open I knew I had to leave and that quick. So I did.*

I woke by something cold brushing over my chin, I looked up to find a dark shadow hovering over me, my whole body froze, I didn’t know what to do, until suddenly I saw that there was something familiar whit the person in front of me. I had seen those curls before, Harry?
I reached out to touch him, but the second my hand reached out after him he was gone. 

The next morning i woke up feeling confused, was it all just a dream or was it real. All i knew was that i wanted it to be real, i wanted him to touch me again, he made me feel safe. My phone buzzed, new message from Michelle:

* i bet you had an interesting night*

Michelle’s texts confused me, interesting night, what did she mean about that, I went home alone, didn’t i? Yes, yes I did, I wasn’t even that drunk. 

* Interesting night? What are you talking about?* 

*oh c’mon M, was he as good as he looked*

* what the fuck are you talking about!!?*

*Harry! I saw him leave your house three in the morning*

Wait what, I hadn’t been whit Harry. Then I understood it all, it wasn’t a dream it was real, and the worst part was that I was glad it was real cuz all I could think about was that i wanted him to touch me again, I wanted him to make me feel safe. 

I dragged myself up from bed, all I wanted was to burry myself in bed but i had to go to work. I walked straight into the bathroom to take a hot shower to wash Harry out of my mind, but it didn’t work, no I was constantly thinking about him. I put on some bleached blue jeans and my work t-shirt that had the logo of john’s written on it. I put my hair up in a messy bun and applied some mascara and lip gloss, nothing too much. 
When i reached the door to the oh so familiar cafe, i sighted. I didn’t want to work, normally i would love to work in the little intimate cafe that i loved but not today. The bell rang symbolizing that we had a customer, john popped out from the restroom “oh Maya, thank god you came in today, i have a very important meeting today so you have to work alone today, nothing you can’t handle tho, and you will of course get extra paid” john said to me while he packed up his business bag, as he liked to call it. “Oh, ok” I said as I smiled at him. He rushed to the door, the man was in a hurry “ have a nice day” i called after him as he sprinted out of the door. 
I looked out into the empty cafe, as I let the silence fall, I thought to myself that I didn’t mind working alone, I actually preferred it. 

At lunch time I decided to bake a cake, i had only had three costumers so far and i didn’t expect that the cafe would fill up whit people anyways so why not bake a cake. I was so hung up in my work that i hadn’t heard the bell ring, i looked up for a brief second and there he stood, dressed in a pair of black jeans and a tight white t-shirt, His hot mess of curly hair was covered whit a grey beanie, laughing at a lame joke his friend had just pulled. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. I walked out of the kitchen whit shaky feet, i cleared my throat and said “can I help you whit something?” I looked at Harry he had a smug grin on his face, I mentally rolled my eyes at him “well i only want a cup of coffee” his husky voice sent chills up and down my spine, i swallowed hard which didn’t go unnoticed by Harry. I looked over at his friend while i said “what about you?” “I take a cup of Yorkshire tea” he smiled at me. “That would be 3,50” i said. Harry fished up his walked from his pocked while he said “it’s on me mate” his friend smiled a cheesy smile at Harry while he said “aw, Hazza always the gentleman” harry gave me the money while he winked at his friend. “do you want to drink it here or?” “Um, i think we just take it whit... Harry cut his friend of “we’ll drink them here, thanks” he said while he winked at me. “Great, It’s will only take a moment” I smiled at them before I walked back into the kitchen. I made the coffee and the tea whit shaky hands, and all I could think about was last night’s event, about the fact that Harry actually had been at my room. The bell rang symbolizing that the coffee and the tea was ready, I shock my head as I scoped up the mugs, I really needed a drink.

Harry and his friend was laughing and joking and had the time of their life while I sat behind the desk in desperate need of something, anything to get my mind of Harry, which was very hard because he was in the same room as me, and every now and then I would steal a glance in his direction and every time I did his eyes met mine, and every time I looked shyly down at the floor.

I picked up my phone and dialed Michelle’s number, she answered instantly.

*Hi, Michelle, what’s up?*
*Nothing, just chilling watching TV*
*Oh, great.. I was wondering if u wanted to go out tonight, just have a girl’s night out?*
*Wait,wait,wait.. Maya, are u sick or anything.. cuz u newer want to go out and now you want to pull and to nights in a row!?*
*Uh, yeah.. I kinda want to have some fun, get some shit out of my mind*
* Well, fine whit me.. I’m always up for partying*
I laughed at Michelle’s response, she had always been a partyperson.
* Great, I’m done at work at 6, so if we meet up at the club at 8?*
*Hellyeah! Can’t wait, bye babes*
*Bye, Honneybunney*

I looked up to find Harry and his friend getting ready to leave, just as they were about to leave Harry walked up to me and said “maybe, I see u tonight then.. Bye love” and whit that he walked away. I was a little confused by his words, did he mean like at the club or home in my room? I guess only time could tell.


*Authors note*

Ok so here’s the thing: I haven’t had time to write on the story cuz I have been really busy whit my midterms and stuff like that, but here’s a new chapter so ENJOY!

Oh and, I have a really good idea for the next chapter so stay tuned, I think U might like it!! xx


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