You can't always get what you want, or can you?

Maja is an 18 years old girl who always have had a perfectly safe life, but what happens when a cetrain curly haired boy called Harry styles comes into her life and makes Maja experience things she never thought she would.

A story about dangerous love, passion and heartache.


4. Things get a little to heated.


Harry's flat wasn’t far from the club and he insisted for me to sleep over at his and to be honest I didn't want to be alone right now so. As soon as we entered the flat Harry dragged me through the whole apartment and straight into the bathroom. The bathroom was big and white, he had a bubble bath and a shower I fell in love straight away.

"Maya, Maya?" Harry woke me from my daydream "w-what, I'm sorry I didn't listen, say it again?" He smiled down at me holding a white tissue in his hand " I said, this might hurt" when he saw my eyes grow bigger he just simply took hold of my hand and said " Maya, the danger is over now, you’re safe, this is only to clean you wound and the it all will be better, I promise you I will never let anybody hurt you ever again" just squeezed my eyes shut ready for the pain, but when nothing happened I open one of my eyes to peak up at Harry. He stood there watching me whit and amused smirk on his face "what is it?" He just laughed while I shook his head "you’re beautiful, u know that?”. My cheeks heated up and I started blushing.
I bit my lip to hide the fact that I wanted to smile like an idiot. "Can I ask you something?" I said looking up at the annoyingly beautiful boy in front of me.

 Harry's eyes lit up by my question, "you can ask me anything babe". "Did you notice anything of whit my attacker, like something was clearly wrong.. I-i have never seen a human being move so fast before and I-I" I notice Harry's face went from smiley and all happy to dead serious and hard as stone. "I-I'm scared Harry, what if he's coming back after me? I have no chance in defending myself against someone like that. And the worst part is that he said he did this for revenge, so therefore it's an even bigger chance he’s coming back after me" i started sobbing.

"Harry, what if, what if he kills me?" I started full on crying, my body finally realized what really was going on, I finally got that big shock that I so badly needed, it was like I had been holding my breath since the attack and now I could finally let it all out and cry. I looked up at harry whit teary eyes, his jaw was clenched and his eyes was dark whit anger? revenge? He shook his head, and his face was now back to normal. He moved forward against me embracing me in a tight hug, I hugged him back right away. I nuzzled my head into his neck, inhaling his scent. I felt safe in his arms. After a few long seconds I pulled away, but not much i was still in his arms.

I broke I contact whit him only to look down at those delicate lips of his, I bit my lip unsure if I should let myself give into the temptation of kissing him. I slowly leaned closer to him my lips was so close to his, I felt his hot breath against my lips, I carefully pressed my lisps against his, they were so soft and delicate and it tasted like mint. I broke the kiss, my forehead was resting against his "Maya, I can't explain what happened at the club, but I can tell you this, if the attacker ever touches you again I will not hesitate in killing him" he pressed his lips against mine one more time, but this kiss was longer and whit more passion. This time it was Harry who broke the kiss "Thank you" I whispered against his lips. "For what?" Harry asked questioningly. "For everything, for saving me and for taking care of me and for protecting me when I needed it the most" I laid my hands around Harry's neck and brought his face so close i could feel his lips against mine every time he breathed out.
Harry took hold of my waist pulling my body so close to his that I could feel every inch of his body, he lifted me up on the bathroom counter as he did he placed himself between my thighs. He pulled me into a breathtaking kiss he dragged the tip of his tongue over my lips searching for access witch I gladly gave him. Harry started unbuttoning my shirt reviling my bra "Harry, I-i can't" I trailed of catching my breath from our heated makeup session. I had never gone so far whit any boy before and i wasn’t just gonna give myself harry, cuz to me sex was so much more than just a shag, i wanted it to be special. “I'm sorry, but I just can't" I whispered. Harry smiled sweetly to me as he spoke "it's ok, let’s get you cleaned up and then go to bed?" I nodded as I kissed him one more time. 

I was now washed, fed and happily laying in Harry's king-sized bed feeling sleepy. Harry entered the room in only his pj's whit small drops of water draped all over his torso from the shower he just minutes ago entered. He was breathtaking hot and I couldn’t help but stare at him, harry cleared his throat making me snap out of my trance, I looked up at him, one of his eyebrows was raised and I could see him smirking at me. "You like what you see?" He asked jokingly, my cheeks heated up making me blush.

 I looked down at my hands, finding my nail polish on my fingernails very interesting. I could hear Harry getting closer and as he laid himself down beside me on the bed he pulled me onto his torso so that my face was only millimeters away from his " don't worry, it's not like I haven’t checked you out" I giggled at his words making Harry laugh to. He pulled me even closer, I nuzzled my head in the crock of his neck feeling sleepy. "Good night, Harry" I said sleepy "night, babe" he spoke. I felt completely safe in his arms but just as I was about to fall asleep I couldn’t help but remember one thing the attacker had said to me: Harry always picks the innocent ones. And whit that I fell into an uneasy sleep.


AN/ Soooo, it gets a little heated between Harry and Maya, you like? 
And what do you think Harry is hiding? Maybe he's one of the non humans? 
Please leave an review it's so much funnier to write if i get feedback! :D

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