You can't always get what you want, or can you?

Maja is an 18 years old girl who always have had a perfectly safe life, but what happens when a cetrain curly haired boy called Harry styles comes into her life and makes Maja experience things she never thought she would.

A story about dangerous love, passion and heartache.


3. Please don't hurt me


My body was buzzing of the amount of alcohol i had been drinking but jet my mind just couldn’t stop picturing Harry out there in the crowd among all the drunkdancing people.

“I need another shot” i jelled at Michelle, she looked at me whit big eyes
“Another one? Maya you're gonna get smashed, i never seen u this drunk before” I just waved my hand at her signaling that i could handle myself.

Just as i was about to ask the bartender for a new shot somebody tappet me on the shoulder, i spun around to find a beautiful curly, brown-haired boy standing there looking at me seductively. The resembling between him and Harry was shocking, he looked almost just like Harry except he had blue eyes.

 “Do you want to dance?” his voice was slightly lighter than Harry's but not much. I could get out a single word, i was shocked, so I just nodded. 
I grabbed hold of my wrist pulling me out to the dancefloor, it was overcrowded whit people so there was not much space to move in. He pressed his body on me, making me feel every inch of his body. Thing's started to get a little heated and i didn't want it to so i tried to pull away and say no, but my dunked body couldn't follow my lead so instead of pushing me of him i fell into his arms. He lifted me up, the room was spinning and my head was pondering.

“Let’s get out of here” he said as he started walking to the backdoor of the club, as he pushed thw door open all i saw was a long hallway lightened up whit a dim light. “We’re gonna have some fun now, aren't we?” he said to me in a cold tone, my body shivered by the thought of him kissing me like that again, “No, i wanna ho home” i said whit a shaky voice. He just laughed at me “Harry always picks the insecure ones, and i just can't wait till i finds out that I’ve killed you” wait what? He was gonna kill me? No,no,no that couldn’t happen i jumped out of his arms, letting my body fall to the cold floor, i started crawling away from him but in the blink of a second he was in front of me again.

“ please” i begged him “ just let me go”. He didn't say anything he just looked at me whit hunger in his eyes. I pushed my body of the floor, backing away slowly from him. Still he didn't move, i took my chance and started running, my hand reached out to the handle to push the door open but just as my hand was about to touch the handle, he was there again in front of me. “Not so quick princess” he said whit a sick smile on his face. “What are you?”
I spat the words out, he couldn't me human, there was no way in hell a human could move this fast. He laughed as he said “ i'm everything u need” and whit that he hit me so hard in the face that i swear i could see stars, my body fell hard to the ground.

He hovered over me, smiling " you want more princess? Cuz i'm gonna give it to you so good" he dragged the words out so i could hear them clearly. I whimpered as he harshly took hold of my hair and dragged me up unto my feet just to knock me right down again.
I started to sob when i felt a warm liquid run down my mount and onto my neck. "W-why are you doing t-this to me?" I cried as he once again pulled my numb body of the floor. "Revenge" the word flew of his lips and i saw his eyes turn darker by the minute.

I closed my eyes letting the tears stream down my face, waiting for what was about to happen, i shook my eyes up when i felt to strong arms wrap themselves around me. "you're safe now babe" " Harry?" i chocked out between fist of sob's. He looked me in the eyes as he wiped away blood from my cheek "nobody are gonna hurt you ever again, I’ll make sure of that". I nodded as i buried my face into his neck, letting my senses fill whit the smell of harry and perfume, my body relaxed instantly and in that moment then and there i felt safe whit him, in his arms.

Harry's voice filler the room as he spoke those hateful words against my attacker " if you ever lay a hand on her ever again i'm gonna kill you and don't for a second doubt me, cuz i will and you know it". I looked up from harry's neck only to see a body lying on the floor struggling to get up. Harry pulled me closer into his body as he spoke "let’s get out of here".


Ok! So that was a shitty chapter, sorry I thought it would be better, but the next one will be a lot more about Harry and Maya…. And… some explaining, cuz as you all may know by now Harry is not a Human, so what is he? That’s the big question! Soooo stay tuned..
And please leave a review it’s so funny to get response on my writing! xxx

ps: it will probably be a longer chapter too!

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