You can't always get what you want, or can you?

Maja is an 18 years old girl who always have had a perfectly safe life, but what happens when a cetrain curly haired boy called Harry styles comes into her life and makes Maja experience things she never thought she would.

A story about dangerous love, passion and heartache.


1. Dirty dancing.


The loud beat from the music was making my head spin, I looked over to the dance floor where my friends was, they where all having a good time I on the other hand wasn’t. I didn't want to go out but Michelle had put on her puppy face and i just couldn't say no to that face.
I desperately needed fresh air so I dragged my body through a bunch of people until i finally saw an exit sign. I pushed the door open and a welcoming breeze flew over my body. I let my drunken body slide down to the ground. I was no fan of alcohol but I drank to make Michelle happy, and now I was unhappy and the worst part was the feeling I had in my stomach, like something bad was going to happen, I shock the feeling of me and headed inside again.

I walked over to Michelle and the rest of my friends, I decided to not give a second thought about the bad feeling and enjoy myself instead. I let my body move in sync whit the beat from the loud music. As I did I felt a pair of strong hands grab my waist, i looked at Michelle terrified, but all she did was smile while she mouthed "he's hot" and then she walked away.
Why the fuck would she walk away, he could be a fucking rapist or something. I pulled my body out of the pair of strong arms, but as I was about to walk after Michelle to give her a piece of my mind I was pulled backwards, as I looked up I saw a mop of curly bronzed hair, shiny green eyes and a smile that only heaven could make and dimples, yes he had dimples, fucking dimples. He was breath taking beautiful, but something about the way he acted made me feel like he knew it, and I hated boys who where cocky about the way they looked.

 "l-let go of m-me" I spat. He just smiled even greater and said " you sure you want that because of the way you where checking me out like two seconds ago tells me otherwise" i gasped at him embarrassed and mad. "Well, you might be hot, but I don't like boys like you, so bye" and whit that I walked away
I walked right over to the bar where Michelle was standing " why the fuck did you leave me alone whit him, for all we know he could have dragged ne out in a dark alley and raped me, even worse he could have killed me. And I can't believe that you as my bestfr... ”before I could say anything else Michelle covered my mouth whit her hand.

"jeeesus Maja, you’re word-vomiting again, he must have made on hell of an impression". I just nodded and said "he was so freaking hot and he had dimples!"
Michelle gasped "ohno, your sold" she giggled.
"No, because he ruined it all whit being cocky" i pouted. 
"So I did make a good impression" a husky voice sounded from behind me and I froze. Fuck why in hell did he had to have such a sexy voice.
I pulled myself together before I spoke " well, if you wouldn’t’ been so hung up in you and yourself you would have heard the last word I said” he smiled down at me “what, oh you mean the part where you called me freaking hot" I rolled my eyes at him. Before things could get any more awkward Michelle stopped us, thank god. “I’m gonna order some tequila shots, do any of you want some”
I just nodded, the second Michelle turned her back toward us he spoke again “I’m Harry Styles by the way, nice to meet you” I rolled my eyes again “oh, please now you want to be nice, well to late” he smirked “if you don’t want to talk you could at least dance whit me” he took hold of my wrist and dragged me out to the dance floor. I decided to just go whit the flow and dance whit him, you know put on a little show, just to make him drool and make him want something he can’t have.

I let my body move whit the heavy beat as I did I touched my body, I looked up at Harry through my eyelashes he was staring at me whit his mouth slightly open, I started biting my lip and with that he walked over to me and pulled my body close to his.
We danced dirty for a while until I got carried away and started kissing and sucking his neck, Harry let out a small moan. “I want you” he whispered in my ear, shivers ran down my spine as he spoke. Truth was I really wanted him too, but I had to remember this was only a game. I leaned up on my toes so that I reached up to his ear and whit a sexy voice I said “You can’t always get what you want, Styles” and whit that I walked away.




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