Because of you

This story is about your everyday girl living and good life with friends and family, but when her dad becomes the manager of a british boy band One Direction, will she go on tour with them? Will she fall in love with one of them? You will just half to read to find out!


1. Anyone Hungry?

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping. I turned over and slapped the 'silent' button. I rolled over and flopped of the bed. Yes, i know, it sounds weird. Some people splash water on their faces while others...ME...fall off my bed to wake me up! Today was saturday and i was going to my dads work with him because he has the best job ever! He is the manager of Cher Lloyd! He is now looking for a new singer to manage so i though i could help him.



=============Eating Breakfast==============



I grabbed my eggs off the frying pan and put them on the plate. I started eating at the table when my dad came in the front door.



"Sophie, Sophie, were are you?"



" Im in the kitchen" i replied



 " Come in the living room i want you to meet someone" he shouted. I was wondering why he only got home this morning and not last night? I walk in the living room and to my surprise...there are 5 young boys  sitting on the couch and my dad his standing up on the other side of the room. I dropped my glass of apple juice when i see who it was! ONE DIRECTION WERE ALL IN MY LIVING ROOM...starring at me! Why are they starring at me? 



"Sophie? Hello? earth to Sophie!"my dad said bringing me back to life.



"W-w-what are they doing here?" I was a HUGE fan of One Direction so this was a big shocker for me!



" good news, im their new manager! And i want you to come on tour with us tomorrow!"



" One tour? With One Direction? Going around the world?" i asked






"uhmmm, let me think about that. YES!' I blurt out the last part.




' Okay, well im going to work now so since your going to be living together for the next year on a tour bus, i say why dont you go out and get to know each-other? And dont forget to pack! We leave at 5:30 tomorrow morning!" my dad shouted across the house as he was leaving the front door.



i sat down on the chair on the other side of the room and just looked at Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis then Harry. Did i ever say they Harry is so much hotter in persons? They were all starring at me. It was just and awkward silence. Silence, silence,silence, silence is over!



" are you guys hungry?" i asked.



" I though you would never ask!' Niall said getting up and walking to the kitchen.



"Anyone else?" i asked. Zayn, Louis and Liam all got up a followed Niall to the kitchen. i got up and was about to follow them when i heard a quiet voice call my name.



"Sophie?'he asked. It was Harry. i turned around and walked closer to him.



" yes?" i asked quietly.



" i-i-uhh-" he was interrupted bye Niall screaming.



" Sophie! Sophie! Hurry! Im gonna die of starvation out here!" HaHA! Oh Niall, what are we going to do with you?



"Coming!" i yelled at him "But i think the real question is, are you coming?" i asked to Harry.



"Uhhh, Yea" He said in a shy voice. We walked to kitchen and all the boys are waiting at the table. Harry sits down next to Liam and whispers something in his ear then he looks up at me as do the rest of the boys. I took out some noodle and started making macaroni and cheese!

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