Hunger Games Chasing the Sun

Imagine if Katniss and Peeta had never sparked a rebellion. What if Peeta died when Cato pulled him down and they where both killed by the muttations. This story explores the life of one girl who goes into the arena, but its not just like any hunger games... Read on to find out more...


21. This is how it ends

I open my eyes. I must be in heaven.

Everything is white. Gale lies next to me. Yes, this is definately heaven.

A woman in white walks in.

"Congratualtions dear" She says smiling

"For what?"

"You won"

"What?" I ask in disbelief

"You won the hunger games"

I can hardly believe it.

"But I, I ate the berries"

"We saved you, we need a winner, always need a winner" she grins, like she's a parrot repeating the same thing.

"So, Gale is"

"He's fine dear, can't have a winner, without the love of her life, next to her" She smiles "Congratulations again" She walks out. I want to shake Gale and wake him up, but he looks so peaceful. 

A few minutes later his eyelids open and he looks at me.

"Surely this is heaven" he mumbles

"We won Gale" I whisper

He stares at me open mouthed. 

"We did it Cass" He kisses me. I want to live in this moment forever. But a woman comes to take us to the train, which will escort us back to district 12. 

When we arrive, I feel so happy. They're all there, proud of me. I won, we won, for all those kids, those innocent kids, who thought they could win. 

They take us to the victors village. A house stands in the center. A ribbon blocks the entrance.

"Cut it then" Laila urges

"I would just like to say a few words"

"In those games, I thought I had no hope, then I found Gale, he was my reason for carrying on." he clutches my hand tight.

"I want to dedicate this house to all the ones we lost. Especially Marko and Merop from District 2. Enemies they may have been, but they loved each other just as much as me and Gale. They would have died for each other and they did." I take a deep breath. "Most importantly, I want to dedicate this to Peeta Mellark"

I can see my family smiling out of the corner of my eye. 

"He meant the world to me, and he always will" 

Gale nods. "That boy, will always be in our hearts."

He kneels down

"Cassidy, I know you may not love me as much as I love you, but will you marry me?" 

I can hardly speak 

"Yes, yes, yes" I hug him tight "Though I love you more" I whisper.

And now I can proudly say...

My name is Cassidy Mellark, my brother was Peeta Mellark. I love Gale, and he loves me. We won the hunger games, and now I live in the victors villiage. I will always remember those who died. And maybe some day I will take down the capitol, just for them.




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