Hunger Games Chasing the Sun

Imagine if Katniss and Peeta had never sparked a rebellion. What if Peeta died when Cato pulled him down and they where both killed by the muttations. This story explores the life of one girl who goes into the arena, but its not just like any hunger games... Read on to find out more...


14. the worst kind of feeling

I thought I knew fear, but nothing prepares you for the horrors in the games. I don't know what to do. There are people running in all directions. Remember what Katniss said I tell myself over and over again. I search for Otillie but I can't see her, maybe she's already gone. I start to run, I hear footsteps behind me on the beach, I grab a backpack and turn. Its Laurel, 

"Laurel, it's me" I cry, she settles 

"I'm sorry Cass, I'm so scared"

"Come on" I'm not bothered if she's scared, I just know that we need to get out of there. "RUN" I scream pulling her along. She's heAvier than I expected, difficult to pull along.

I turn around for a split second and am horrified by what I see. Kids that I got to know over the last few weeks are no longer kids but simply "fallen tributes". I have no time to mourn their loss now. I shall see who has died later when they project them into the night sky.

"Get  move on please Laurel" but she doesn't go any faster. We find a tall tree and climb. Laurels about as good as climbing trees as she is running, but I keep pushing and eventually we settle on a tall branch, out of view. 

I pull out my backpack and empty its contents into my lap. I am pleased with it. Rope, wire, small waterproof poncho, a sleeping bag and a flask. I pull of the lid hoping for the best, but its empty. I'm surprised that the sleeping bag fits in such a small pack. It is big enough to cover me and Laurel. I hope she will be ok. 

I don't want to risk lighting a fire especially as we're so close to the cornucopia. So I decide to sleep even though sunlight is still seeping through the leaves in the trees, and I'm feeling incredibly scared. I don't know how long I sleep for, but it must be a while. I wake up to the sound of birds chirping, I can hear a bunch of tributes nearby, but I don't care, I have something else to worry about.

Laurel is gone!

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