Hunger Games Chasing the Sun

Imagine if Katniss and Peeta had never sparked a rebellion. What if Peeta died when Cato pulled him down and they where both killed by the muttations. This story explores the life of one girl who goes into the arena, but its not just like any hunger games... Read on to find out more...


2. The Reaping

When we arrive at the square it has been completely transformed. Capitol logos cover everything including the backdrop on the stage. The podium has a capitol logo on it and either side stand two large glass balls with  hundreds of names inside. I shudder when I think about how two people will leave from the district today. Before you enter the square you have to register. A stern looking peacekeeper grabs my finger and jabs the needle in. I squint with pain, as she squeezes my finger and a droplet falls out leaving a scarlet dot in the box on the sheet in front of her. I rush past her and enter the square, looking for my sister 

"Laila" I call looking frantically. I want to stay with her. It's her first reaping. I catch sight of her huddled with a group of her friends. I give a sigh of relief. 

"Laila come here" I cuddle her and she cuddles me. We never take our relationship for granted, now that we know how easily it could slip between our fingers.

The square is split in two. One side for the girls and the other for the boys. Suddenly an all too familiar voice echoes around the square

"Welcome, welcome" Effie Trinket calls into the microphone. "To the 76th annual hunger games"

I scowl at the sound of her voice. She doesn't know what it's like, none of them do. They call it the hunger games for a reason. Its like a game to them. They don't realise the damage that these games do to us.

"As always, May the odds be ever in your favour" she continues. I hate that phrase. The odds have never been in our favour. If they were we wouldn't be taking part in these games. 

"Again, as always, Ladies first" She reaches her perfectly manicured hand into the bowl. The square falls silent, people take in a final breath knowing that it could be one of their last. Many of us close our eyes and pray not to be picked. Eventually she pulls out a name. The tension rises. She slowly pulls of the tab and opens up the card. 

The district falls silent. You could hear a pin drop. Effie always like to keep us waiting, she says its more fun that way. Finally she takes a breath in and bellows the name into the microphone.

"Laila Mellark!"


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