Hunger Games Chasing the Sun

Imagine if Katniss and Peeta had never sparked a rebellion. What if Peeta died when Cato pulled him down and they where both killed by the muttations. This story explores the life of one girl who goes into the arena, but its not just like any hunger games... Read on to find out more...


20. Let''s finish this

There's only five of us left now. Gale isn't dead. He's alive. That makes three careers... Merope, Marko and Theta, then there's me and Gale. 

I don't think Theta will last much longer though, she was stabbed in her leg earlier and now she's struggling to hold onto life. I think it was Gale, but he would never do that. Maybe it was Marko.

I rush to the cornucopia. It's getting dark. They want to end it, and so do I. 

As I get nearer I see a familiar figure sitting on top. It's Gale.

"Gale" I scream. I run and jump onto the cornucopia. 

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean any of it, please forgive me" I beg

"No, it's me who should be apologizing, I just didn't want to hurt Katniss, but I know what's important" He pulls me close. 

"Gale, I have loved you ever since I met you, but is this the right thing?" He needs to know that I love him, I just don't want to hurt Katniss, especially after she was so lovely to me.

"I love her, but I love you more" We kiss. I feel so safe, so wonderful, so...

Suddenly I'm pulled back. It's Merope and Marko. 

"Ahhh, look what we found" Marko says to Merope, just two more kills and we can go home.

"You can't both win" I say pointing out the obvious. 

"Shut up" he shouts "We will win" He grabs me and pushes me to the floor. His hands around my neck.

"NO" Gale yells. He pulls Marko up, while i struggle to breathe. I'm gasping for air. Gale need's help, but I can't breathe. 

"Gale, Hang on" I gasp for air. I grab my arrows and bow. Marko's got Gale. I aim my arrow at Marko. I shoot. 

Merope jumps in front, taking the arrow. She lets out a deafening scream. Marko lets go of Gale and Gale runs to my side. Marko runs to Merope. 

"Why did you do that, you idiot!" he asks, pressing hard on her wound.

"We can't both win, she's right" 

"No, we can, we can do this." He kisses her

I see now, they are just like me and Gale. Innocent people, who though they would win. They didn't think, just didn't think.

"You can't leave me" Marko says "We have our lives ahead of us, you and me" 

She breathes in "I love you Marko" then stops. The canon booms. 

Without even looking at us he takes out a pouch from his pocket. 

"If I can't be with you, I won't be here at all" He puts a berry on his tounge and swallows. I don't even have to look at what they are. 


The canon sounds

"What are we going to do" I ask Gale.

"You won't have to do anything" He picks up a berry from Marko's pouch and tries to eat it.

"No" I won't let you" I pick up one as well. 

"On three" I say

"On three, I love you Cass"

"I love you too"



"Three" we say. It all goes black.



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