Hunger Games Chasing the Sun

Imagine if Katniss and Peeta had never sparked a rebellion. What if Peeta died when Cato pulled him down and they where both killed by the muttations. This story explores the life of one girl who goes into the arena, but its not just like any hunger games... Read on to find out more...


13. Let the Games Begin

"It's a big, big day" Effie says, without a care in the world. But I care. Today is the games.

I stay in bed a few more moments to reflect on my training and think about my family. They would want me to try, so I will. I will do it for Peeta.

I get out of bed and dress in a pair of trousers and a top that they have laid out for me. Katniss braids my hair  like when she was in the arena

"There" she says "You look like me" I do I almost appear identical to Katniss, give or take a few cm in height.  

"Find a bow, get water and climb a tree" she says shaking my shoulders. "Stay alive"

The girl I did loathe, I know have grown to love, she has helped me so much, through the bad times. I will never forget her kindness. 

I am escorted to a ship where all the 24 tributes wait anxiously. A woman comes round to insert a microchip in everyones arm. It glows at first, then fades. I see the youngest tribute Otillie, struggling to hold back the tears. I decide that I will help her in the arena, she deserves that. 

We are taken to a room to prepare. I slip on a jacket and fasten my mockingjay to it and zip it up. I remember Gale's words

"You can't fail if you have this, shoot straight" His words echo inside my head as if he was standing next to me

"30 seconds" 

I close my eyes and pray that my family will stay safe. 

"15 seconds"

I kiss my mockingjay pin

"10 seconds" 

I climb into the glass tube and take a final look at everything. 

Im ready.


The tube starts to rise up, and the room disappears. For a second everything goes black, I close my eyes., Then I feel the cold air against my cheeks, the wind in my hair, and I open my eyes. It takes a second to adjust. We are on a beach, with miles and miles of jungle in front of us. Otillie is next to me, looking more frightened than ever. I give her a comforting look, but before I know it the gong is sounding. The games haven't even started yet. Then I see her, Winnow lying on the beach, dead. Gone so quickly. She stepped of too early. She was nearly unrecognizable. I want to scream. Run to her side but what good would that do. She is the first victim of 23, and although I won't win, I won't be the second victim.

"10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1" a voice says "Let the games begin"

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