Moving Forward to the Beginning

Life after Tour begins now. With Jade and Niall's relationship moving forward as they move in with Bridget, Josh and little Kaitlyn how will they adjust and put the final touches on the house with Josh and Bridget still in the US? And will little Kaitlyn maintain good health and be able to fly back over to the UK?
And as the Christmas Eve wedding of Zayn and Natalie draws near will their nerves cause them to grow apart? Or will they come together to truely form the perfect couple.
Finally, Sammi is about to move in with Harry, furthering their relationship, but how is Louis doing on the sidelines? Is he truely over Sammi or will things heat up when Harry isn't home?
***** Sequel to Am I Really Good Enough*******


17. Wedding Day

Natalie's P.O.V.

I woke up and the girls were already there. Today was the day, the day of Zayn and I's wedding. I was so happy I jumped out of bed as fast as I could and we made our way to the salon to get our hair perfected. Yesterday had relaxed me so much that I wasn't even nervous up until I looked in the mirror at my hair and makeup. 

It all hit me then, I was getting married. I was going to spend the rest of my life with the man that I loved, and I couldn't ask for anything else. 

Tears of happiness and nervousness built up and Sammi and Bridget were immediately at my side.

"Dont cry Nat, this is a happy day! Your getting married!" Bridget said wiping the few tears that had shed without messing up my makeup. We all laughed as Sammi cracked a couple jokes and I silently thanked God for having two friends that were there for me in this moment to help me. Jade would've been there too but she was currently getting her hair done.

We rode the limo to the venue of the wedding which was in a cathedral Zayn and I picked out months ago. The reception was down the street in the best hotel London offered. 

I was rushed back into the bridal wing and didn't spot any of the boys, or Zayn on my way.

We were put into our dresses by Lou and Lux came with her in her pretty flower girl dress. By this point all I was was nervous. What if I got there and Zayn just leaves me? 

No... He wouldn't do that. 


Sammi's P.O.V.

I met Niall in one of the back rooms because we wanted to go over our speeches one last time before the reception. Niall's was beautiful, whereas I stumbled through mine with my voice being as shaky as it was. 

I stopped half way through it," I can't do this Niall. I'm going to mess up and make a fool of myself and ruin the wedding reception!" I was thoroughly freaking out.

" Hey, hey Sammi!" Niall put hands on both sides of my face demanding I look him in the eyes and listen," Your going to do great. You take to millions of people every night for a job. You're just freaking yourself out. Just think of it as a concert, and Ill be right there to help you if you mess up. Ok?"

i nodded, smiling up at him. I then gave him a quick hug and we rushed out to the doors of the cathedral.

Harry's P.O.V.

We started walking in with the bride's maids. All I could do was look at Sammi in front of me. Niall escorted her down since they were the Maid of Honor and Best Man. I escorted Jade, and I was followed by Louis with Natalie's older sister, and after them was Bridget and Josh. Lux followed with her pretty navy blue dress on and she was throwing flowers everywhere.

Jade and I separated into the opposite pews and I noticed I was in front of Zayn's Great Aunt's.

The ceremony was beautiful, and the whole time Natalie was crying tears of joy whereas Zayn couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. It came to the time where Niall and Sammi went up to the alter to assist Zayn and Natalie in exchanging their vows. I only looked at Sammi with her hair up and in the navy blue bride's maids dress. She looked sideways at me for a second and then looked back blushing. 

Behind me I heard," The Best Man and Maid of Honor are together too Cheryl. Did you know that?"

I was confused. Sammi and Niall weren't together. I kept listening.

" How do you figure?"

" Well on my way to the ladies room I saw them in a separate room and they were pretty close. I'm sure our Zayn introduced them."

Sammi and Niall? What did pretty close mean? She just got over Louis, why would she go for Niall?

I watched as Zayn kissed Natalie and everyone clapped, but I only wanted to make eye contact with onw person. Sammi.


Niall's P.O.V.

The reception venue was huge and I was getting nervous. Jade almost found the ring yesterday and I had a feeling she had her ideas ever since. I had a drink to calm my nerves and went on like nothing happened. I danced with Jade for a couple songs before Harry cut in.

" Niall, can I talk to you?"

I looked apologetically at Jade and let him practically drag me over to a corner. i could barely hear him as he explain the situation to me.

I laughed when I finally understood," Harry really? Im not Louis, I dont love Sammi. You need to start trusting her more for Christ's sake. You haven't let her out of your sight in weeks! And I'm proposing to jade in about," I checked my watch," five minutes and your really asking me if I tried something on Sammi? I'm sorry you don't have trust in her, but I would never try something on her. I love Jade, Jade loves me. Sammi loves you, and if you really love her you would trust her."

I walked away from Harry, leaving him to think, and to rejoin Jade. I had one more song before the big moment.


Jade's P.O.V.

A few minutes after Niall came back he had to leave again because he had to give his speech. I didn't really care. Seeing Zayn and Natalie so lovey-dovey made me love Niall even more. 

Sammi gave her speech and I almost wanted to cry. It was so beautiful and touching. She included how Natalie and the other three of us have been friends forever and some of the memories on the bus. She even included Spin The Bottle and, of course, jokingly gave herself credit for getting them together.

Then, Niall got up to give his speech. He went through it and the whole time he was starring at me and smiling.

" Finally, Zayn has given me the courage and intelligence to be the man that I am today. Zayn, whenever I came to you with a problem about myself personally or a relationship problem you were there for me, and I thank you for that. Zayn has set an example for me to be a strong, understanding, patient, loving, and selfless man, and because of that I have something I want ask."

He set the microphone down and started walking over to my seat. I looked out at the crowd in shock, even though I had a feeling I knew what he was doing.

" Jade, I love you with all of my heart. You have made me the man I want to be for the rest of my life and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. Your beautiful inside and out and I could never tell you that enough. I love you, Jade, will you marry me?"

He held out the ring, but I only looked at it for a slight second before returning my gaze back to those loving crystal blue eyes.

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