Moving Forward to the Beginning

Life after Tour begins now. With Jade and Niall's relationship moving forward as they move in with Bridget, Josh and little Kaitlyn how will they adjust and put the final touches on the house with Josh and Bridget still in the US? And will little Kaitlyn maintain good health and be able to fly back over to the UK?
And as the Christmas Eve wedding of Zayn and Natalie draws near will their nerves cause them to grow apart? Or will they come together to truely form the perfect couple.
Finally, Sammi is about to move in with Harry, furthering their relationship, but how is Louis doing on the sidelines? Is he truely over Sammi or will things heat up when Harry isn't home?
***** Sequel to Am I Really Good Enough*******


20. The Search

Harry's P.O.V.

WHen they weren't anywhere we searched all over. We didn't care the the paps were right outside the hotel asking us questions we had one main focus and that was to find Nat and Sammi. 

After about a half hour of searching everywhere for them and calling them I finally realized the worst case scenario was occurring.

I called the station where they were holding Aden and Adam," Please hold, the station is in the middle of a situation-"

" This is Harry Styles. Where are Aden and Adam?!?"

" Im sorry Mr. Styles they have escaped. Have you spotted them?"

" Escaped?!?! They have kidnapped my girlfriend and my friend's wife ON HER WEDDING NIGHT!!!!!"

" Please calm down sir. We will send forces out immediately to look for them. Also, we will send out a warning. Officers will be there as soon as possible to collect information and a recent picture so we can let other know what they-"

" YOu dont need to explain just get them over here!"

I hung up, but I wasn't done. I called Sammi's number one more time. I hoped that I could hear her. It rang once..... twice....

" Well hello there Mr. Styles. Great to hear from you again. How are-"

" Don't play with me Adam! Where did you take them?!"

" Listen very closely Harry. Sammi is gone. You can't have her anymore. Forget about her and move on because she will never come back to you now."

 I felt myself crash to the floor," What do you mean shes gone?!"

" We killed her. And the one in the wedding dress is next. Tell your buddy that she really did love him. She keeps crying his name over and over again. Its quite annoying." He stopped talking and I could hear Natalie screaming in the background... Or was that two separate screams? 

She was alive. I still had time. Natalie must still have her phone we can track it!!!!

" I swear if you hurt her-"

The phone went dead. I couldn't wait  for the police i didn't have that time! I grabbed Zayn and headed through the rest of the annoying paps to my car," Track Nat's phone here," I threw him my phone and he started tracking while I started the car and a prayer that they were alive.


Sammi's P.O.V.

It took every bit of me to continue standing. They had done the unthinkable to us in the hour since they had kidnapped us, and the worst part was that Harry thought I was dead. Would he even try to rescue us at this point? Of course he would, I thought. He wouldn't give up on me that easy. 

Finally, after a brutal amount of time being hit and kicked and punched Aden let me sink to the ground. There was blood everywhere and I couldn't tell if it was mine or Natalie's. Luckily Natalie had successfully kept her phone this whole time. That was the only thing giving me hope. 

" Your both done for now, but we will be back. No talking! And don't even try to get away. There is no way for you to get out in that condition."

He was right. I couldn't move, and neither could Natalie in this state. I turned my head slightly to see that she wasn't moving," Nat?" I whispered.

She didnt move. With every last bit of strength I had I sat up," Natalie?" I said i little more desperately. she still didn't move.

I crawled over to where she was, knowing there was no use in me trying to walk, and gently turned her over. 


Zayn's P.O.V. 

We tracked them to a shed. Typical because why not come to the creepiest and most obvious place. Harry, who was over the top high on adrenaline, wanted to go straight in and fight them, but I stopped him and called in the rest of the police telling them where we were and that we were going in, but would need back up shortly.

Harry searched for anything we could use as a weapon for protection and i looked around the shed to see if we could spot them or if they had already spotted us. While doing so I spotted two metal poles that looked like they could work, so I hit Harry and we went to grab the poles.

We could hear cars coming as we advances toward the barn and then toward the doors.

" Looking for someone?" We turned around and they were both there pointing there weapon right at us as the first police car turned around.

" Harry I told you, they are gone. Move on. Unless you want to go with them?"

I heard the first gunshot go off and saw Harry fall beside me. I didn't even pay attention to the shoot out between the police and the two brothers, instead I knelt down next to Harry, trying to shield us away. He had been shot in the leg and there was blood everywhere. The last thing I saw of him was people in white carrying him away as the shots stopped.

I had one last thing I had to do for both of us, find Natalie and Sammi whether they were dead or alive.

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