Moving Forward to the Beginning

Life after Tour begins now. With Jade and Niall's relationship moving forward as they move in with Bridget, Josh and little Kaitlyn how will they adjust and put the final touches on the house with Josh and Bridget still in the US? And will little Kaitlyn maintain good health and be able to fly back over to the UK?
And as the Christmas Eve wedding of Zayn and Natalie draws near will their nerves cause them to grow apart? Or will they come together to truely form the perfect couple.
Finally, Sammi is about to move in with Harry, furthering their relationship, but how is Louis doing on the sidelines? Is he truely over Sammi or will things heat up when Harry isn't home?
***** Sequel to Am I Really Good Enough*******


11. Stained Glass

Sammi's P.O.V.
" Sam, oh my god your alright-" he opened his arms to embrace me but I stopped him.
" Go get Louis," I said.
He retrieved back," What happened? If he caused you more frustrations I swear-"
" Harry!? Just please," I could barely look at him without wanting to ball my eyes out," Go get him."
He sighed and went to go get Lou. Unfortunately by the time they came back I was visibly crying/ upset.
" Sit down," I said in a half cold half shaky voice.
They both did as I said without asking any questions or even asking me what was wrong.
" Harry, I have to tell you something."
He stiffened in his chair and I could see him imagining the worst and I hated putting him through this amount of anxiety.
" Go on love."
I looked over at Louis who was just starring at me wide eyed and open mouthed.
" Harry, I love you with all of my heart. I can't live without you, I know I can't. But I'm a relationship like ours I want it to be honest... I'm in love with Louis too."
Louis stiffened at the words, and Harry looked up at me with the most hurt expression I have ever seen in my life.
It was almost like I shattered a stain glass window.
" So.... So you don't love me anymore like that?"
I was crying so hard at this point," Harry I love you so much. I want to be with you forever but I can't get rid of my feelings for Louis and I.... I... I don't know what to do!"
I leaned down on the floor and basically curled up in a ball.
He came to comfort me though, and it gave me hope that we could still continue.

Harry's P.O.V.
She loves Louis. I knew I was never good enough for someone like her. She was so perfect for me, and I could be nothing but.. Harry to her.
" I'm so sorry Harry. I l-love y-you."
She was practically balling on the floor," Hey, come on we can work through this. All three of us we will work to-"
" If you think I'm going to try to convince her not to love me your stupid Harry. I loved her too, this whole time. You can't expect me to-"
I heard the faint," Please."
I looked down at her, she was still curled up but looked about ready to come up. When she did she said," Please don't fight. It might kill me if you do."
I smiled at her," Alright love we won't-"
Louis spun her around so quick to kiss her I think she was dizzy.
He did though, and it took me a few seconds to react as I would imagine it was quick a suprise to Sammi too.
" She's my girlfriend Louis!!! How could you?!"
Louis shoved me back up against the wall, and screamed at the top of his lungs," I. LOVE. HER!!!!!!!"
I gulped and just stared at him for a second.
He did the same, but he pulled away first, grabbing his neck," What are we doing?"
Sammi spoke from the ground," This is why I had to get away."
My heart broke even more every time I looked at her," So what are you saying? Are we done?"
She stood up rapidly and hugged my," I can't loose you. I can't change my feelings for you," she held out her wrist and I just stared at it and then at her for a minute.
" Then there is only one thing to do."

Jade's P.O.V.
" Nat we shouldn't have left her like that. She's so Overwelmed."
" I know, I know. But she needs to sort this out."
We walked up to the guys studio, thinking we might as well see what they are up to.
Once we did I saw Liam was in the booth and Niall and Zayn were sitting on their long black couch.
I sat on Niall's lap, and Natalie and Zayn went off in the hallway. Hey are probably going to get food or just talk alone.
" Hello love, what's up?"
" Louis, Harry and Sammi are having an intervention in our booth so wanted to come see you."
He blushed," Well I missed you."
I kissed him quickly and then he said," What are we going to do about home?"
I looked up at his worried expression," We can only be there for them. We can't control what happened or their emotions. We have to be compassionate to them."
He nodded," I just can't imagine loosing my little girl... Or you."
I smiled," I'm not leaving anytime soon don't worry."
" Glad to hear," he said with a smirk left plain on his face.
" Niall what are you up to?"
He laughed," Nothing I just love you."
" ... Niall horan your up to something. I have my ideas but I'm gonna find out for sure."
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