Moving Forward to the Beginning

Life after Tour begins now. With Jade and Niall's relationship moving forward as they move in with Bridget, Josh and little Kaitlyn how will they adjust and put the final touches on the house with Josh and Bridget still in the US? And will little Kaitlyn maintain good health and be able to fly back over to the UK?
And as the Christmas Eve wedding of Zayn and Natalie draws near will their nerves cause them to grow apart? Or will they come together to truely form the perfect couple.
Finally, Sammi is about to move in with Harry, furthering their relationship, but how is Louis doing on the sidelines? Is he truely over Sammi or will things heat up when Harry isn't home?
***** Sequel to Am I Really Good Enough*******


7. Madness

Sammi's P.O.V.
I didn't want to even recall how stupid I had been on the truck. I could've done so much more then I did, but I was stupid and decided on just letting him hurt me.
I ran to my room and slammed the door shut, clicking the lock on it too.
I couldn't believe Louis had the audacity to even recall that. Especially after the problems he's been causing me.
He didn't care that I had Harry, he didn't care for my feelings for Harry either, but only wanted to highlight my feelings toward him.
I was calling Liam to see if he would come pick me up when someone knocked on the door.
Liam went to voicemail, so I hung up.
" Go away," I yelled at the door.
" Not happening, now open up before I break down the door."
" Good luck with that!" I yelled back. I wasn't on speaking terms with Lou right now.
I heard a click and the door opened up.
" What?! How-"
" Keys," he said jingling them in front of me.
" What do you want?" I said standing up. I was a little shorter then Lou, but not a lot.
" Maybe to apologize," and then he whispered," For more then just what happened right now."
I shrunk away from him, remembering what he had done this morning.
" Sammi I'm so sorry I disrespected your feelings, again, but you can't tell me you don't have any feelings when we kiss. You can't."
He had grabbed me by my elbows and pulled me closer. It took everything to look away from his crystal blue eyes and say," I'm sorry Louis, but I don't. I love Harry, and that will never change."
I hated seeing his hurt expression for that split second. It left just as soon as it came, but I saw it. It was terrible it was all because of a lie.
" Well then I'm sorry too. Im sorry I bothered you."
" No Lou-"
" Sammi I want you to know that I'll always... I'll always love you."
He had said it, and probably because he was hurt.
He was leaving me, and I thought maybe now I could slip to the hospital, surely Zayn would tell me where it was.
He had slammed my door shut, and as he did the lights in my room went out.
" Louis? Harry?! Hello?"
I could feel someone in my room, but I didn't know who or how they had gotten in.
I tried to run for the door, but someone grabbed me... Two people.
" Hello gorgeous. Remember us?"

Natalie's P.O.V.
"She's lost a lot of blood Mr. Malik. However she should recover quickly."
I sat on the hospital bed, eyes closed but hands closed on Zayn's.
I was constantly shaking, remembering everything the two did to me.
The nurse left the room, and I knew I had to tell him.
" Zayn..."
" Shhh Nat your ok..."
" No. I'm not," my head was dizzy as I sat up, a couple years now falling from my eyes," They raped me Zayn."
I collapsed in tears back onto the hospital bed, not expecting him to be ok with this.
His long, protective arms engulfed me into a hug, and he rolled over the lay next to me," I'm so sorry Natalie. I love you so much. I promise I won't let it happen to you again."
I kissed his forehead, I don't know how I deserved this. Zayn was perfect in every way possible and I almost felt selfish knowing I got to spend the rest of my life with him.
" Can we go home?" I asked.
He chuckled lightly," Home for me is whenever you and I are together."
I smiled," Then I hope we are always home."

Jade's P.O.V.
Niall and I came home to dinner, cooked by Bridget, with her and Josh. Niall was so happy to see his mate again, and I was happy Bridget was here as well.
Niall had no idea what I had in store tonight.
While we were eating it was all i could think about.
I know Niall wanted it, but he was sweet toward me and waited.
Now I had to repay him.
I was just finishing my dinner when both Bridge and I got texts.
" Harry- Call the police Sammi is trapped with two of Aaron's guys. Louis is knocked out and I'm trying to get in."
I looked up and saw Bridge had got the same thing.
" Go get in the car, I'll call," she said panicked.
Niall and Josh, not knowing what wa going on asked a bunch of questions, which I answered on the way to the car.
Then I got another text," Zayn- Get somewhere safe, all of you. They've gone after Nat and Sammi now."
What the hell was going on?!?
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